Should I Sell My House Now?

With times changing, the one thing that has never seemed to change is the real estate market. The real estate market has always held true and even when it has dipped down has always found a way to recover. With the backlash of the Coronavirus, we have been seeing a high spike in the price of real estate and it might make you ask yourself, should I look to sell my home? If you are having this train of thought, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans have been making the move and using the upgraded funds to move into the house of their dreams, and for good reason.

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Most home prices are increasing by at least a third of what it was initially priced at and this may be the perfect time to sell the starter home you started your life in and upgrading to the forever home you’ve been looking forward to. One thing to think about first though is that is it even worth it to sell? Although the market is very good right now, the amount you would have to pay in closing costs can be significant.

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