When You Should Replace Your Roof

As a homeowner, there will a come time when your roof needs replacing. It only a matter of time before it cannot be ignored. In this video, you will learn when the best time to contact a roofing company is. A sturdy roof is essential to keeping the rest of your home’s structure in good standing.

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Keep an eye out for dark spots forming on your roof. These are telltale signs of your roof’s age. They are also known as “blisters,” mostly attributed to your roof’s surface overheating which leads to the shingles’ granules popping off.

Another sign that you should contact a roofing company is when you see moss growing on it. That means that moisture is hanging around and actually contributing to the growth of moss. Moss definitely shortens the lifespan of your roof because it attracts other pests and can provide entryways for them.

Pay attention to the condition of your chimney as well. Existing cracks can be the result of an underlying problem that may need your attention.

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