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10 Home Maintenance Experts That Can Help You Increase Your Homes Value

The home should always be a comfortable space for people. It is the shelter where their family and assets lie, making it necessary to keep it protected and safe. However, it can be challenging to achieve when the home is poorly maintained. According to Allstate research, 88% of Americans do not have basic knowledge about home maintenance, leading to homeowners encountering potential issues that could make indoor life inconvenient and bring down property value.

The property’s value is highly dependent on its functionality, especially in major features like the foundation and room. While curb appeal and home design can help boost value, they cannot compare to well-maintained home systems. However, those aren’t easy fixes, as you might see when you attempt to do it yourself. Home maintenance experts will be necessary, especially in specific areas where the tasks are either complicated to perform or difficult to reach. Here are a few to consider.

1. Foundation Repair Services

One of the most important features of the home is a foundation. It holds everything together, forming the structural base that keeps the walls, pillars, and roof intact. The foundation will be the most stable and durable feature capable of lasting years before any maintenance and repair tasks become necessary. However, there are many consequences that might come from ignoring maintenance issues when they do pop up. The structural integrity of the home will be compromised, so homeowners must find ways to ensure it is well-maintained.

However, the complexities of what is necessary for foundation maintenance will be too challenging for average homeowners to handle. Reaching the foundation alone will cost a lot of effort, equipment, and resources. You will also find it challenging to identify the flaws and resolve them without proper training or guidance. As a result, home maintenance experts should be tapped to handle it. Searching for foundation companies can help ensure the base of your home will receive the necessary repairs it needs, stabilizing and securing the property and preventing its value from declining significantly. Foundation repair costs a lot, which means your home’s selling price will take a hit when inspectors uncover problems with it.

2. Cleaning Services

There will be plenty of tasks that homeowners can do that do not require home maintenance experts, and cleaning is a part of the list. Performing usual household chores like mopping and vacuuming should be performed daily. Taking out the trash and discarding unused items should also be part of the occasional cleaning schedule. However, you will find that some cleaning tasks might require more time and effort to perform. If that is the case, you might want to consider getting residential cleaning services.

Professional cleaners can perform the necessary cleaning tasks that homeowners cannot dedicate time to or do not know how to do it. Here are a few tasks they could perform:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Lint removal
  • Decluttering
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Specialized cleaning

Those are only a few services that residential cleaning services can provide to homeowners. It might not be seen as a priority, but a pristine indoor environment can significantly boost your property’s value. Cleaning will be necessary to perform every day, but getting a little help does not hurt.

3. Septic Maintenance Experts

Most of the home’s systems are invisible to the naked eye. There will be a lot of devices working under the ground, and the septic tank is one of them. The device is responsible for holding waste, sludge, and wastewater, preventing them from causing havoc to the house. Foul smell, water damage, and overloaded septic tank pipes will not be pleasant for homeowners to deal with, making it necessary to secure home maintenance experts to check on the septic tank every once in a while.

Septic maintenance experts can reach the tank with their equipment while ensuring minimal damage to the home’s foundation and ground. They can also assess potential maintenance task requirements that do not compromise its structure. The pipes will also receive proper care as they can perform septic pumping to unclog pipes or find leaks and cracks that could be problematic in the long run.

4. Plumbers

Speaking of water damage, the home’s value might take a hit if they are prevalent. Water damage can reach walls and floors, compromising their integrity. Once those features receive damage, it might take a fortune to repair or replace them. Moreover, they might affect essential components like the foundation and drywall, which will cost even more to fix. As a result, keeping an eye on the pipes will be necessary, and plumbers can handle them.

Plumbers are home maintenance experts who focus on the piping network. Everything from the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms that require water will have pipes to distribute it from the water tank. Plumbers will check for leaks and cracks and patch or replace them. However, they can also provide other services like rerouting pipe networks when home improvements require adjustments on water-related appliance placement. Installation will also be part of their responsibilities, especially water heater services. Those devices are essential to bathing and cleaning, so having them installed by professional plumbers can help. A well-maintained plumbing network can increase property value, ensuring it remains attractive to your family or potential buyers.

5. Patio Builders

There are plenty of features that affect a property’s value, and curb appeal is one of them. Creating an aesthetic landscape with useful outdoor amenities will make the home feel more comfortable and functional, which might be enough to attract a few potential buyers if you decide to sell it. The patio is one of the most common outdoor amenities you can add to your home, ensuring that there is a comfortable living space in the area. You can partner with patio builders to secure one if you do not have it. While it might be enough to spice up the exterior, maintaining it will ensure it remains attractive.

Partnering with home maintenance experts will be vital in ensuring that the patio remains well-maintained. They can perform the necessary cleaning and inspection process to uncover flaws. Once they notice potential maintenance issues, they can start going to work. However, patios are different from home to home, which means they might require different materials for each. If the patio has a concrete floor, they will consider local concrete contracting to patch or refloor the amenity. Wooden floors require partnerships with a woodworking company. They might also require roofing services when the patio roof requires it. Whether you need patio builders or home maintenance experts, the amenity can be a worthwhile investment and contribute significantly to the property’s value.

6. Fencing Contractors

Most homeowners will focus on finding home maintenance experts to maintain their homes and retain their value. However, increasing the value will require more on adding enhancements to the home. If that is the case, you should consider investing in the security side of home improvements. Security systems and locks will take most of the investments, but you can hit two birds with one stone by adding fences.

Fences can provide an additional security barrier to prevent thieves or burglars from trespassing. However, they can also contribute to a property’s curb appeal, especially when the materials used for it are aesthetic. You can partner with a local fence company to help you build the fence, ensuring your home remains protected and that your exterior design can benefit from the additional feature.

7. Roofers

Most maintenance tasks are easy to handle, but some are more challenging to perform. One of them is the roof, which is the highest point of the house. Capable of withstanding harsh elements and falling debris, the roof does not require too much maintenance. However, it can be pretty unpleasant when you start to notice leaks inside your homes or shingles falling off. Roof repairs, however, are not tasks you can DIY. As a result, tapping home maintenance experts might be your best option.

Roofing experts have the equipment and knowledge to safely perform roof repairs. They can utilize heavy machinery to ensure they can come up with the materials needed to repair or replace roof sections. Moreover, they can work with safety equipment to reduce the likelihood of falling from the high parts of the house. Roofers should be part of the home maintenance experts you contact, even if it might take a while before you utilize their services again.

8. Waterproofing Services

Water damage will always be the enemy of home maintenance. There is not much you can do to reverse the effects of water on dry components like walls and floors. However, you can minimize their damage instead. Waterproofing features or parts of the house will be vital in ensuring that they do not cave when coming into contact with water, making it a necessary step in home maintenance.

Consider working with a waterproofing contractor. The expert can identify spots or features prone to water damage, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. The outdoor amenities you built might also require waterproofing because rainwater might affect them. They can apply waterproofing procedures to any home feature, but you might want to ensure that you are strategic with what you choose. Waterproofing can be expensive, so utilizing them in the spots where they matter should be the top priority.

9. Gutter Services

Rainwater will always be a problem, especially in homes unprepared to handle it. Flooding will be a constant issue, but your drains can ensure they do not wreak havoc on your outdoor area and even make it indoors. The roof is often facing downward to ensure it does not retain water, but it might still suffer from water damage. Water can also become a puddle, attracting insects and pests because they are perfect breeding grounds. Those potential issues can be scary, but you can overcome them with a well-maintained gutter.

The gutter can collect and direct water to drainage systems, ensuring that flooding will not be a problem. Gutters will also ensure that debris does not end up in awkward places. However, the gutter might require maintenance tasks. Clogs, leaks, and deteriorating gutter sections will force you to consider home maintenance experts to handle them. It will be vital to deal with those immediately, especially when you expect another rain to come by after a few days. Protecting the gutter with gutter guards might also help, ensuring that there will be no issues in ensuring water ends up going to the drains. Gutter services can be enough to maintain a fluid gutter and drainage system, making it a vital step for home improvement.

10. HVAC Experts

Nothing beats comfort when trying to improve a property’s value. The HVAC system is one of the main features that provide comfort, especially when it comes to temperature. However, seasons change often, requiring your HVAC system to work overtime to provide you with the precise temperature to keep you either warm during winter or cold during summer. HVAC systems are often durable and reliable, but it might not take long to keep them functional.

HVAC contractors can handle the maintenance and repair tasks for the device when informed early. They can also perform an inspection and uncover if you need to repair it or replace it with a new version. Regardless of the version you choose, you might want to get HVAC contractors to help you ensure that you are keeping the essential home system functional and tailor-fit for the homeowners’ comfort.

Increasing your property’s value is no easy feat. There will be plenty of angles to consider, from aesthetics to comfort. However, ensuring functionality should always be the top priority. As a result, performing maintenance tasks will be necessary. Still, it will take more than the home maintenance experts listed above to keep a functional home, but it is a step in the right direction. Inspecting the home from time to time will ensure you can spot potential issues before they get worse. Once you do that, calling in the home maintenance experts can take it from there. So if you want to improve your residential property’s value by living in it or planning to sell it, you can have these people ready on call when needed.

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