Solar Parking Lots and Everything You Need To Help Complete the Construction or Upgrade

Have you been trying to find the best ways to cut expenses for your parking company? Maybe you have parking lots at various locations around a large city or even parking garages. It’s important to know that one of the easiest ways to cut down on business expenses overall is lighting or energy in general. For both of these, you have the option to switch to solar energy to power the lights of all your locations, while many of the solar panels and other options can even power gates and other energy needs for your lots and garages.

Understanding Solar Energy and How It Works

Solar power is the largest renewable energy source worldwide. With 120,000 terawatts of solar energy entering the earth daily, there is a lot of power to work with for commercial and residential energy needs combined. There is still potential for the continued growth of solar energy over the coming decades, especially reducing the carbon footprint left by your business.

There is often a great deal of fear with the potential of the residential solar panel to provide a valuable amount of energy in the home on a regular basis. With many short days of sunlight throughout the year and the rainy seasons where the sun is not out very much, consumer concern exists for the value of solar energy. So, there are a number of details about these systems to remember when considering solar panels, or commercial solar energy as well. Certain features of solar power systems can help increase the amount of energy that remains available when sunlight is less than expected.

Creating a Solar Parking Lot

So, you have the option of using solar panels in many locations that are connected to your parking lots and garages. Panels don’t have to be attached to a parking garage or lot in the same way they are often installed on the roof of a home. Sometimes there are much larger solar farms that you can connect to, often providing a great deal of solar energy where you don’t necessarily have to worry about those cloudier days being a minimal amount of energy. Yes, you are outsourcing energy in that way, but your solar parking lot will cost much less in annual power expenses than through the regional energy company.

Lighting Fixtures for Your Solar Parking Lot

Okay, you probably know that LED lighting is the most efficient when it comes to your choice for fixtures and bulbs in your parking lots and garages. This is even more important since your lights will be on many more hours than any other business or home. Another option to add to LED bulbs includes induction grow lighting is able to provide the greatest efficacy in lighting for many different locations, there are others that we already use in order to save on energy costs.

You may invest in the basic LED light bulb to last longer in lamps and other locations around your house or office, but there are even more than those. So many additional options are available for lighting in various locations, that it takes a little shopping in order to determine the best choice for your home or business. Some of these include:

  • High powered led lighting
  • Induction ballast
  • Induction grow lighting
  • Induction lamp
  • LED high bay light fixtures
  • LED parking garage lighting
  • LED roadway lighting
  • LED T8 lamps
  • LED warehouse lighting fixtures
  • LED canopy light fixtures
  • LED clusters

After The Development of Your Solar Parking Lots

So, you have either constructed or upgraded your solar parking lots to improve energy efficiency. If lighting may be of concern or making sure that all power sources are consistent and efficient at the same time, there may be a need for a backup connection to the local power grid or a generator of your own. Additionally, you can determine which light fixtures and bulbs best meet the needs of your solar parking lot(s) and will help your customers see best at the early morning or evening hours when they will be getting into or out of their cars. Remember, safety is just as important as money for those who rely on you!

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