LED to the Right Choice Why LED Lighting Makes Sense

Wall pack led light fixtures

Given that as much as 18% of energy use in commercial buildings stems from lighting, getting it right is important. In fact, lighting accounts for more than 20% of all energy use in America. Lighting a large space like a warehouse, school hall or gymnasium requires the right kind of light to ensure that the space is well lit and easy to maintain. With so many choices on offer it can be hard to make the right decision and find lighting that fits your needs. High bay light fixtures like those often used in such spaces can take many forms. Choosing LED as your lighting for high bay light fixtures can yield numerous benefits.

LED high bay light fixtures are a good choice because of their longevity. LEDs can last as much as ten times as long as high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting, for example, although HIDs are brighter by half. In comparison to LEDs, metal halide high bay light fixtures can take as long as 30 minutes to warm up and are more expensive than LEDs to maintain. Metal halide lights also tend to give off a great deal of heating, meaning that they waste energy, and can also have issues with flickering.

LED warehouse lighting has other benefits too, even beating HPS (high pressure sodium) lights in terms of energy efficiency, cost and lifespan. LED lighting uses just 15% of energy in comparison to halogen bulbs and last as long as 50,000 hours, more than twice that of fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting also does not compare to LED high bay lighting, despite being lower cost. The use of mercury in fluorescent lighting means that waste disposal tends to be complicated, making LEDs a better choice. LEDS also offer a brighter light for longer when compared to induction lighting offerings.

Use of LED lighting is being promoted by the United States Department of Energy because of its energy efficiency. The DoE says switching to LED lighting could halve energy use in the US. By opting for LED warehouse lighting, companies and individuals can play a significant role in reducing energy consumption while also cutting costs and increasing the longevity of lighting.

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