Maintaining Your AC Can Save You A Small Fortune

Air conditioning is something that many people just can’t live without. If you find yourself living in a climate that is hot and humid nearly 365 days out of the year air conditioning is one of life’s necessities you have to have to get through everyday life. Running your AC unit can be costly but you can keep those costs down by keeping up with regular maintenance. Air conditioning units last between 10-15 years with the proper upkeep and replacing them can cost a pretty penny, so these simple tips will be worth your time.

Whether you own or rent your home you want to live in comfort and feel good about being home. When thinking about ac installation you will want to think about what kind of maintenance the unit will require over the next 10-15 years. Some units can be maintained by you and other units require professional care and routine maintenance. Depending on the size of your home and what type of heating and cooling delivery you have a wide variety of options are available to you. For homes with a furnace and central air, the units are much more complex and could require professional ac installation and maintenance. Window units for smaller homes are easy to install and maintain all on your own.

No matter which type of unit you have they all have some sort of filtration system that requires replaceable filters that should be changed routinely. Changing the filter keeps the ac unit running smoothly and the air that circulates the house fresh and clean. Ensuring the unit can breath is just as important as keeping you cool so maintain the intake as well, make sure the unit has nothing blocking it where the air is taken in or forced out.

Always keep an eye on the power cord and supply to make sure it is not being kinked or chewed on by rodents in the area. AC installation instructions are usually posted on the package and will inform you where the best place to put it is and what type of power or wattage it requires to run safely. Keep the unit generally clean on the inside and out even with a simple wipe down to keep it running at its best.

AC repair is usually a simple fix and parts can be ordered from the manufacturer of the ac unit you purchased unless you have a central air unit then parts will need to be ordered by air conditioning technicians. Air conditioning maintenance can be a lot cheaper than a replacement by staying on top of simple tasks. If you have questions about your ac unit contact your local professional air conditioning services provider.

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