Your Silent Fire Hazards

Fire Prevention in Your Home


Protecting our investment from unforeseen hazards has become a top priority for homeowners these days. Assuring that all the basics have been covered from smoke detectors to security systems has long been a necessity. However, there are some things that we seem to bypass when contemplating where and how to secure the safety of our loved ones. One main space that gets forgotten within the construction of the home is the dryer vents.


Each year, more than 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported; this has caused an estimated five deaths, one-hundred injuries, and $35 million in property damages and losses. Due to the lack of knowledge concerning the flammability of the loose lent created within the damp walls of dryer vents, individuals have suffered great grief with losing loved ones and/or memorabilia. This house hazard is caused by moisture building once the heated air builds within the tumbler and escapes through the dryer vents. Each time a load is placed into the dryers, this process is repeated causing buildup in the vents.


As the lint created drys, more excessive heat is pushed over it causing a “rub two sticks together” scenario causing friction between the processed material threads. Once the heat reaches excessive high levels, sparks begin to twinkle like a sparkler. When it finally catches, due to the fact lent is just shredded materials from our clothing, it will burn quickly like a grass fire zipping across dried out pastures. Having a fire protection system can aid in reducing these numbers and protect our families and property expenditures.


Maintaining our dryer vents is only one of the silent fire hazards we are completely unaware of as we work diligently to guard our sanctuaries. Another quiet killer is the water heater; this is because it needs electricity, and/or possibly gas, to create heat within the tank before pouring out our faucets. If we purchase an aging home, more than likely this working part has been neglected over the years and we may need to consider a water heater repair company to inspect it. Once the device has been thoroughly detailed, depending on what maintenance is required, a water heater replacement may be a better investment financially and giving peace of mind for risk assessments.


Gliding throughout our homes, examining our dryer vents and water heater attachments, let’s discuss the sprinkler system. The yard is always an important factor when considering how we want the canvas of our abode to display us. A timed water sprayer is an efficient, and time managing way to keep your lawn looking pristine. However, because this takes electrical currents to drive the unit and is combined with water, this could possibly be a beautiful disaster in hiding.


Having the sprinkler system installation inspected, just like you would for the water heater and dryer vents, is another wonderful way of protection for your family and home. Location of the control box and placement of the spouts is important when taking into account if a hypothetical situation were to occur that can cause harm. Electricity and water can create costly repairs due to fire damage caused by an electrical current passing through water if not properly installed. This can also be deadly to an individual, especially around the holidays as we put up our joyful decorations without a second thought of our own safety.


Being concerned about the unexpected does not make you paranoid, it makes you prepared for future possibilities. Knowing your home inside and out allows you to be aware of the functioning parts of your investment and gives you the ability to stay on top of repairs. Despite if your buying a new or pre-owned home, stay educated on other people’s issues with their investments to be sure nothing is overlooked. Also, knowing your local businesses to help you maintain your dwelling will be a financial investment for you when future events take place.

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