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With the ever-expanding construction sector, the demand for doors and windows will continue to increase. A study by Freedonia showed that the demand for doors and windows will grow by 4.8% annually to 34.3 billion in 2021.

Getting the perfect windows and doors for your home is imperative. They will improve energy efficiency, curb appeal and value of your home. With numerous options for entry door available on the market, you need one that will make you proud.

However, before buying an entry door for your residential house, you need to evaluate various factors that will determine which type of entry door you will purchase. Some of these factors have been elaborated below.

1. Door Material

The material used in making the door is a major issue that you should put into consideration before making a purchase. Wooden doors have remained to be the best doors in the industry for many years. Wooden entry doors give your house an aesthetic appeal and touch that is absent from other doors in your neighborhood. However, depending on your taste and preference, you can choose metal or glass entry doors.

2. Energy-Efficient Door

When facing an increase in energy bills, it is important to find ways to lower them. An energy-efficient door will be a bonus. Glass doors are very efficient because they allow natural light during the day which minimizes the need for day lighting. Besides, door manufacturers are coming up with doors that can allow cool air circulation in and out of the house, which eliminates the need for switching on the air conditioner.

3. Door Installations

Entry door installation is a laborious and time-consuming task. Due to the labor involved, the cost is too much to bear. Therefore, when you are buying your entry door, you should make sure that it will be easy to install. The less time and energy technicians will use in your house means less amount of money you will pay. Discuss with your door manufacturer about installation process before making a purchase.

4. Custom Doors

There is no doubt that you would want to have a custom wood entry door in your house. Whether you want traditional doors or modern style front door, Portland entry door manufacturers are ready to make a door that meets your desires. You can even come up with your classic design of an exterior door and present your design to door manufacturers. A custom exterior door will stand out in the neighborhood.

5. Add-On Options

Buying an exterior door with add-on options is every homeowner’s dream. You don’t want your door to have the same appearance for ten years. With add-on options, you can keep on changing some few aspects and coming up with a new door every year. By adding glass to your door, you do not only increase natural light inside the house, but you also enhance the curb appeal of your house.

6. Door Security

The primary role of an exterior entry door is to keep your family safe from intruders animals. Therefore, the necessary security features such as double locks and a strong frame should play a vital role in door selection process. Additionally, you can consider steel exterior door because it will take significant effort to break them.

7. Durability and Maintenance

Durability and ease of care should also influence your exterior door selection process. You should buy a door that will last for decades which regular repair and maintenance. Weather leads as the cause of door damages, which means that you need to get a door that is hurricane or storm-resistant. Getting a door that can resist dents while also requiring minimal care where possible should be your goal.

Buying a new exterior door for a new house or replacement purposes is not a small task. However, this article has made it easy by highlighting some of the factors that you need to consider. Through a careful and predetermined strategy, you will get a custom door that meets your specific needs.

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