What Home Improvements Do You Have Planned for This Upcoming Year?

Your parents had just spend thousands of dollars working with home contractors, updating their pool enclosure, replacing the cover on the carport and making other improvements to their home. In fact, they had just last summer completed a total window replacement project on the whole house. They had scrimped and saved and finally taken the time and spent the money to make improvements that really would have made their lives more comfortable years ago.

Interestingly enough, what encouraged them to finally complete all of these projects was a combination of grandkids and puppies. Yes. Puppies. Recent owners of two adorable little springer spaniels, your parents wanted to know that the house was safe. They kept saying safe for their grandkids, but there were many indications that they were trying to create a little haven for what the considered the BEST PETS ever.

  • Brushing your long haired cat or dog can help create a pet that looks and feels great. Plus, it is important to control when your pet loses hair, on a brush or throughout your house.
  • Every owner is different, but it is important to know that pet owners who make their animals feel like family members are increasingly common. When you go so far as to make sure the new window replacements include one of two floor level lookouts for your furry friends you know that you have succeeded.
  • Sitting with your pet at the end of a long day can be a great way to relax.
  • The most well trained pets can stay at home when their owners are at work.

  • Putting a pet in a cage all day long is not the best way to make sure that a pet is happy in your home. For short periods of time, however, a well cleaned and comfortable kennel can help a pet feel secure at night or for short amounts of time while you are away from the house.
  • Every pet loves to greet its owner when they come home from work. Training your dog not to make a mess, or leave a gift, is important.
  • Tricks are easier to teach if a dog is given a small treat for success.
  • Stay, sit, talk, and fetch are some of the most common tricks that pet owners want their dogs to learn.

From screen rooms for cool breezes on summer mornings to window replacements that provide beautiful views of the backyard, there are many ways that you can improve your home, while adding value at the same time. In fact, as many as 58% of home owners indicate that they plan to spend money to make their homes a little nicer this year. In addition, 43% of home owners plan to transform their outdoor spaces into areas that can accommodate friends and family, including the greatest grandchildren and the best pets!

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