Replacing Old Wood in the Attic

A house is a large and complex piece of hardware, and any homeowner will be responsible for replacing or repairing anything that is worn out or damaged. This spans the house’s foundations and floors all the way to the walls’ interior to the roof and attic alike. The roof, gutters, and siding may be updated to keep the house safe and comfortable to live in, and new siding and roofs may even help reduce costs in the long run. That, and new gutter installation, new roofs, and fresh siding can make the house more attractive to buyers when the owner puts the house on the market. Siding repair, FRT wood replacement in the attic, and roof repair can do a lot of good. What are the benefits of FRT wood replacement and other repair?

Fix That Roof

A house’s roof is not to be taken for granted. The roof can keep out sunshine, rain, strong winds, and all sorts of debris, and a roof also helps regulate the home’s interior climate control. Insulation and shingles will keep in warm air during winter and keep cool air inside during summer, and roofs can also keep out harmful wildlife such as squirrels. If the roof is damaged or worn out, it is time to hire roofing professionals who can perform FRT wood replacement in the attic, seal up squirrel holes, and more.

What might go wrong? FRT wood replacement may be done if FRT, or “fire retardant”, wood in the attic is damaged from leaks or squirrel damage. Attics have wood beams and walls that may suffer from water damage if the roof leaks, as water will rot, expand, and warp the wood over time. Squirrels may break in and chew up the wood, causing further damage. Regular inspections will alert a homeowner to damage in the roof, and they can call upon roofing experts to replace the damaged hardware.

Not only that, but roofers can replace missing or damaged tiles on the roof to help prevent leaks, and they can also pour on liquid rubber to seal existing cracks or holes and prevent new ones from forming. Leaking water may not only damage wood, but also drip down and damage drywall, and such water may also short out electrical components in the walls and also pool in the basement. Old age and warping from changing season may create cracks, not to mention hail damage or getting hit by debris from a storm, such as a tornado. In serious cases, the entire roof may be removed and replaced with a new one, and that may be cheaper in some cases where extreme repairs would be needed. A battered old roof can be taken off and replaced with either a shingle model or even a metal roof. Metal roofs are very tough and price-friendly to install, and they don’t easily suffer cracks or holes. They also last a very long time, depending on the alloy used. Some alloy models may last an entire century.

Siding and Gutters

Exterior repair on the house is not limited to roof tiles or wooden beams. The gutters may suffer too, usually from clogs after enough fallen leaves and other debris build up in them. Clogged gutters allow too much water to pool on the roof, and all that heavy water can easily leak through even the smallest cracks or holes. Water-loaded gutters might get too heavy and break off the roof, straining the screws and falling apart. Gutter experts can clear up any clog and repair damaged gutters, or replace old gutters with newer, more efficient models that can carry more water safely.

What about siding? All houses have siding on the exterior, though the material varies. Many have vinyl, which is lightweight and low maintenance and comes in a variety of colors. Other homeowners call upon experts to update and repair their cedar wood siding, and wood siding is more costly than vinyl but is tough and attractive. Yet other houses may have brick siding, an expensive but durable and aesthetically pleasing model. Siding repair helps the house maintain its appearance and its insulation alike, and this will impress buyers when the house is put up for sale. Damaged or old siding, by contrast, may make a poor impression.

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