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Accidents happen, no matter how much we try to plan and account for freak accidents or bad luck. If you find yourself the victim of storm damage or an old home that winds up needing lots of repair, it’s good to know what the necessary steps are to take, to avoid panic and further damage. If you have a sudden roof leak, calling a roofing company for emergency tarp service to cover the hole can be a good stopgap measure, before you wind up repairing or replacing the roof entirely. This will prevent any further damage to your belongings and the interior of your home. Facing major repairs is never fun, but it can be a good excuse to upgrade your windows, siding, and doors, for a more energy efficient home that can help you save money in the long run by cutting down on your energy bills.
How Does The Emergency Tarp Service Work?
Many roofing companies will offer an emergency tarp service or something similar in case of natural disaster. In some cases, they’ll provide the material and you can install it yourself, but in most cases, they’ll carry out the emergency repair, which is always highly suggested. They have the tools and experience necessary to do the job safely and correctly. It keeps you safer and gives you the assurance that the proper installation methods were followed.
The emergency tarp service acts as a temporary measure until the weather has calmed down enough to conduct a full scale repair job, and prevents more debris or water damage from entering the interior of your home. Once it’s safe enough to completely replace or repair the roof, the tarp comes down, and the real work begins.
What Should I Be Looking At In Terms of Cost With Roofing Repair/Maintenance?
This is variant on what kind of roof you have and what you might want to replace it with. Slate roofs are going to be a bit pricer than shingled roofs, for example. It’s always good to have savings for home repair — there’s no doubt that roof repair or replacement is pricier than than other home improvement projects. However, the security of having a good, secure roof is priceless and most roofs last for many, many years before they have to be replaced again.
If you redo your roof yourself, you should look to the cost being anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 to totally overhaul your roof. This price is calculated for the average roof, which is between 2200 and 2600 feet. However, if you have professional roofers come in and do it, it could cost you more around the neighborhood of $2,000 to $8,500. Though it’s pricier, it’s also a safer option, unless you have some kind of prior experience with roofing yourself.
Quotes you receive from roofers will be per square — per ten foot by ten foot square of roof. Your typical roof will have anywhere from 22 to 26 squares.
What Should I Know About Roof Maintenance?
Your roof should ideally be inspected by a professional once or twice a year, even if it’s a fairly new roof. Make sure you’re removing loose debris from the surface of your roof, like twigs, branches, leaves, etc., and do keep your gutters clean. This can help reduce the chances of mold growth or fungus, which should also be cleared away regularly. Recaulk or repaint as needed.
Some may argue that maintaining the roof may seem just as time-consuming and expensive as eventually replacing it, but total roof replacement is a pricy venture. By maintaining the roof you have currently, you may be putting in a little more time, but gaining yourself extra months or years to save for a new roof, should you need one.
If you keep up with your roof on a regular basis, get it inspected regularly, and follow the inspector’s advice, your roof should last for a long time, barring any natural disasters or freak accidents. If something should happen to your roof, know that you can always use an emergency tarp service to buy yourself a little time.

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