The Growing Popularity of Bathroom Remodeling

Tackling a remodeling project can be no joke, from the costly estimates to the materials required for the project the stress can become overbearing all at once. Which design to choose? What would look best? Is this what I truly want? Luckily, there are many people able to tell the tale of their remodeling project and can offer a few pointers on how to successfully have bathroom upgrades without excessive struggle.

What Will My Bathroom Remodel Cost?

1. Price what a bathroom upgrades, cost: Before starting any remodeling project, it’s important to know an estimated cost to redo your bathroom. Using a bathroom remodel cost estimator can significantly help, there’s means to input and change your intended finish until you’re happy with the results. During these changes the cost will consistently fluctuate to provide an accurate estimate depending on the size of your bathroom, and what designs, materials, or brands are chosen. On average, bathroom additions offer an 86.4% return on investment. Ultimately, bathroom remodeling is an investment into your home, and you want to be certain as possible you’re happy in your home bathroom once remodeling is completed.

2. Give bathroom upgrades some thought: We have all been guilty of impatience before, but for some of us, impatience can be severely unrewarding. Remodeling is no easy feat, and it only cumulates the stress when things don’t turn out as planned. To prevent an unwanted surprise, make sure there’s certainty in your decision and clear communication between you and the bathroom remodeling contractors. Most professional designers suggest not making the toilet the first thing seen when you open a bathroom door—it’s considered a major design mishap, because of its unappealing look.

3. Know standard bathroom dimensions: There are key measurements to know when looking to remodel a bathroom (i.e., standard bathtub size, and average spacing for a toilet) that can truly make all the difference in a bathroom’s appearance.

4. Splurge: A good splurge does everyone some good occasionally. When remodeling your bathroom, it’s important not to skim out on the designs and materials that intertwine everything together. Higher-end fabrics and materials can be a great investment choice that can create an illusion of a luxurious bathroom that everyone will admire. Adding a few expensive pieces could be the difference from your bathroom upgrades going from average to magazine-worthy.

5. Think about a lighting scheme: A well-lit bathroom could truly accentuate a remodeled bathroom and create a soothing ambiance that makes you feel spa-rejuvenated when you leave. A pro tip is to incorporate laying to accent decorative lighting.

Some homeowners are looking for an extra flair in their remodeling project— a traditional bathroom design simply won’t do. While bathroom remodeling is typically a type of remodel that focuses on the basics of restructuring a bathroom, there is a trend with unique master bathrooms that are quickly catching on, because of its marvelous outcome. Statistics show more than four out five homeowners choose to replace major bathroom features such as sinks, flooring, showers, and countertops to completely strip their old bathroom design in place of a fresh, modern concept that includes influences from primary colors to historically allusions to express their creativity and individuality of their home. Many homeowners who desire to take their creativity to the next level typically refer to a bathroom remodel cost estimator to understand if there are any possible financial restrictions or skim through different concepts to create a custom bathroom that implements all their desired ideas into their personal space.

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