The Three Common Signs of Problems With a Home’s Foundation

Your home is only as good as its foundation. There are many signs, both big and small, that can reveal a home’s foundation issues. It is usually a good idea to call a foundation repair services company if a home is showing signs of wall cracks (interior and/ or exterior), sinking, or if doors begin sticking.

What Causes Foundation Problems In Homes?

There are a few common culprits when it comes to foundation problems. Inclement weather such as excessive rain or snow; contracting or expanding soil; flooding from plumbing issues; and insufficient soil are all issues that can cause big problems over time. There are over 60 types of soil in Texas alone. The soil a home was built on has a huge effect on the home’s longevity. When in doubt, it is a good precaution to have a foundation repair expert take a look and assess a potential issue.

Issue #1: Cracks. Specifically, Horizontal Cracks.

Did you know that vertical hairline cracks are not unusual, nor are they usually a cause for concern? Don’t worry if your home has a hairline crack running vertically, as that is an indication the house walls are settling.

A horizontal crack of 1/8 of an inch or more is serious. It is a sign of trouble with the foundation. Now, you might be wondering what to do if a crack is not quite vertical and not quite horizontal. The guideline is any crack less than 45 degrees counts as horizontal and needs foundation repair services.

Issue #2: Sinking. How Much Is Worrisome.

When a house becomes uneven on one side or corner it is a sign of foundation issues. The soil has shifted and the foundation is no longer being supported evenly. This might show up as a small gap of just 1/2 inches on one corner of the house. The soil will have pulled away from the bottom of the home over time.

It is best to catch this type of foundational issue when it’s slight. If the home is settling or sinking quickly, beware. You might be dealing with a sinkhole which needs immediate attention from foundation repair services.

Issue #3: Doors That Stick. Not Just Annoying, But a Warning.

Have your doors ever suddenly began to stick a few days after heavy rains? It could have been an indication of the soil shifting from the water. Doors can also begin to stick from humidity. You can tell if doors are sticking as a result of foundational issues based on where they are sticking. Exterior doors stick at the bottom of the frame, whereas interior doors generally stick at the top.

Excessive water can come from heavy rain or melting snow, or by having a heavy duty hose too close to the house. It is recommended to keep soaker hoses at least last 12 feet away from the side of the home. Water accumulation can also come from problems with plumbing. A foundation repair services company will know for sure.

These are just three common issues with foundations. Horizontal cracks, uneven sinking, and sticking doors are all signs that point to a possible issue with a home’s foundation. It is a good idea to have a foundation repair services technician check out a small problem before it becomes a big problem.

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