The most popular bathroom renovations

When buying a home sometimes you get stuck with a less than desirable bathroom or kitchen and may need to make some addition renovations. Some of the most popular projects in bathroom or kitchen remodeling are:

Getting new appliances for your kitchen can change the whole look and feel of the room. You can choose coloured appliances or stainless steel depending on what your tastes are. Most newer appliances are energy efficient as well saving you money in the long run.

Bathtub and shower re-installations or redesigns. Some homes come with older tubs or showers and your family may need a better setup. You can choose to replace the entire tub and install a jacuzzi style or larger tub or even create a whole new plumbing setup and have your bath and shower separate. Having the bath tub separated from the shower can be great when you have kids and they can have the tub as their personal space. Kids have so many toys, accessories, germs, and other less than wonderful tub companions that are better off left in their own space. When working with plumbing it is always best to hire a professional. If anything should happen to go wrong you may not be covered by insurance and you will need to phone in a professional anyways. Nearly one-third of homeowners that try DIY residential renovations, botch the job so badly they had to call a professional to redo the work they had done.

Counter and cupboard space could always be multiplied in your bathroom and kitchen remodeling. There is no limit to how much cupboard and counter space you could have in your home. You could always add more storage space to your bathroom and kitchen to help you organize better and maintain your sanity. Whether you are finished growing your family or planning on adding more you could always use more space for bathroom and kitchen accessories and knick knacks. Counter space is a must have with more than one person in the home. Trying to fit a busy family into a bathroom to get ready in the morning can be a huge challenge with tiny counter tops. By building an addition of added space you could fit more people in the bathroom at once thus creating a much more comfortable and accessible environment.

Flooring and lighting can help set the mood and create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. You can install tile, laminate, or hardwood depending on what you like and it can change the whole feel of the room. A warm and fuzzy area rug to help you dry off can accent any flooring and create a welcoming environment on any hard flooring. You can install heat lamps to warm you when you get out of the shower, dimmer switches to set the mood for romance or relaxation, and many other lighting options to suit your needs. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling can increase your homes value by leaps and bounds.

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