How Remodeling Can Actually Give You a Better Return on Investment When You Go to Sell

You want to work with a bathroom remodeler who understands your vision. After searching online for “bathroom demolition near me”, you’ll come across potential professional contractors. The one you settle on must prove their design experience before you can award them the project. They should demonstrate they’re comfortable using high-quality, stylish materials and exhibit a high level of professionalism to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Check whether they can deliver brand-new baths for less. You don’t want to spend every dollar on just the bathroom as other rooms in your house await your attention. Find out which energy-efficient materials and accessories are best for your retrofit bathroom. Updating your bathroom can make your entire home feel fresh. When you’re taking a shower, it’ll feel like you just moved in.

Before the remodeling project begins, run an internet search to find out more about the bathroom remodeling process. You’ll come across the various methods involved and the recommended timeline for the work. This way, you’ll know what to expect when the work begins and how long you’ll have to persevere construction work on your private property. Upon choosing your preferred bathroom remodeling contractor, insist on a free shower installation as part of the deal.

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Perhaps one of the most daunting — but exciting — tasks as a homeowner is thinking about home additions or remodeling. Sure, you bought the house because you fell in love with something about it, but chances are there’s going to be something about it that you’ve always wanted to change. Whether the kitchen is awkward or the bathroom isn’t super functional or you’ve just always wanted a finished basement or backyard deck, most homeowners tend to engage remodeling services at some point during their time with a home. The good news is that the most common types of remodeling (kitchens, bathrooms, basements) tend to also provide a good return on investment, which means the money you sink into the home will yield a good return of money when you go to sell it. So although these types of remodels can be expensive, if you decide to downsize or upgrade, you’ll find that some of that money comes back to you in the final sale of the home.
What are the Most Common Types of Home Remodeling?

    • Home Additions

One of the most major types of remodeling is that of home additions. The most common home additions are adding an extra room, a sun room (or enclosed porch), a garage, or bumping an existing room out to create more space. Home additions are probably one of the priciest remodels you’ll do, but generally have a pretty high return on investment in the long run, and if you need the extra space, will be of great benefit to you in the short term!

    • Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are also very common, as they tend to be the problem areas of the home. Each person utilizes a kitchen differently, so existing structures (an island, cabinet placement, counter surface, etc.,) may be onerous to one person but great for the previous homeowner. Indeed, the National Association of Home Builders reported in a recent survey that almost 70% of all jobs that were requested were kitchen remodeling jobs. Most people agree that the ideal layout for a kitchen is a triangle between the stove, refrigerator, and the sink. The sum of the sides should be no greater than 21 feet and no less than nine feet. Additionally, you should keep a 15% buffer when remodeling your kitchen.

    • Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms have a high return on investment (over 85%). A Houzz survey showed that around 60% of respondents planned to redo their master bathroom. Energy efficient toilets and glass shower enclosures were also popular remodeling choices according to the survey (over 90% went for energy efficient toilets and almost 80% of homeowners preferred the glass shower enclosures). Bathroom remodeling also can help with ventilation, fix leaky pipes or bad plumbing, and make the bathroom feel more attractive to guests, family members, and later on down the road, potential buyers.

When Should I Remodel My Home?
There’s no right or wrong answer about when to remodel your home. It can be different in each homeowner’s case. Usually people remodel their home if they’re planning to stay awhile and want to make something more livable or functional. On the flip side, other homeowners may buy a house at a low price that needs fixing up, remodel, and resell it for a much higher price. It all depends on your budget, time frame, and what your end goals are for the home. If you’re thinking about planning a remodel though, it might be worth it to get in touch with a remodeling company and discuss quotes, your budget, and vision for the remodel. They might be able to give you a realistic amount of money to save for and an estimated timeframe for how long the remodel should take. Organization and planning ahead are key!
Remodeling your home can be an exciting and overwhelming process, but the pleasure you’ll feel using and living in your new space will certainly outweigh any negative feelings. Even better, the changes you make today may prove lucrative in the long run and will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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