Good Landscaping Is More Than Just Pretty It Can Increase A Home’s Value Or Business’s Foot Traffic

Maintaining your home’s exterior can be tiring work.

Keeping your grass from growing yellow, removing weeds from the edges of your sidewalk…it’s an ongoing process that never seems to end. Saving a little time can mean the difference between a basic chore and tearing your hair out for the third time in a week. Blowing high quality landscape materials is as simple as buying equipment designed specifically for the task. A bark blower can help remove barkdust, eliminate debris, and keep your home’s backyard and front yard looking sleek year-round.

Landscaping is a way of life for homeowners…and it can always be a little easier.

Landscaping Trends In America

What are homeowners doing to keep their homes looking as polished as possible? Maintaining the front lawn is a classic chore that has yet to fall out of favor, particularly when it comes to curb appeal. According to the most recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals over 65% of Americans today agree that professional landscaping would help them have a better yard. Adding shrubbery and maintaining flowers is also high on the list. Blowing high quality landscape materials can help you ensure the quality of your home, no matter which area suits you best.

Financial Benefits Of Landscaping

There’s more than just self-esteem on the line. There are many financial benefits to keeping up with your landscaping. Spending a mere 5% of your home’s value on landscaping can yield you an ROI of 150% or more. It can also increase your home’s resale value by 15%, helping your house stand out amid the competition at just a glance. A study found nearly 85% of Americans believing having a yard at all is important, with a majority 90% stating maintaining that yard is an important habit to have.

Polishing Up Public Equipment

It’s not just homeowners benefiting from blowing high quality landscape materials with bark blowing services. Community property is also in need of regular maintenance, particularly during the messier fall and winter months. There are over 130 playgrounds and parks in the city of Portland alone that require constant touch-ups to be safe for children. A 12-inch layer of barkdust is recommended for use in playgrounds for children of all ages. When it comes to landscaping applications, however, two to three inches is considered fine.

Different Kinds Of Barkdust

If you’re not familiar with barkdust, never fear. It’s a commonly used material that’s easy to apply and take care of, with a little practice. As explored above, thicker layers of barkdust are needed for playgrounds to absorb shock and remain soft enough for children to play. Fir is the most commonly used type of barkdust today, followed closely by hemlock. It’s recommended you apply new bark dust every two to four years, depending on the kind used and how often it’s interacted with (walked on, dug, blown, etc).

Blowing High Quality Landscape Materials

Barkdust blowing services are a useful resource you can tap into to take some of the stress off of landscaping. When you create a clean exterior, you do the dual work of protecting your investment and raking in future benefits. Researchers from the University Of Washington, for example, found a 7% higher rental rate for commercial offices with high-quality landscapes. The logic of the positive first impression extends to small businessowners, homeowners, and establishments alike. All you have to do is keep an eye out for what’s off and take a proactive approach.

Need to spruce up your barkdust? Look into bark dust landscaping services in your area and take the bite out of yard work.

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