Behind The Importance Of Pest Control In The United States

Here in the United States, pest control is a huge matter of important. Rodent removal comes in all shapes and sizes, after all, from removing squirrel families to removing rats. These squirrel families and rat families can be hugely difficult for the typical family to remove, and typically require a great deal of skill and expertise at the hands of a pest control professional.

It is also hugely important from a safety aspect, as squirrel families and rodents of all varieties can be difficult for the typical person to remove in a safe and effective way, as the vast majority of residents of homes here in the United States have not had any kind of pest control training, to say the least. Squirrel families and other types of rodents can easily carry diseases, diseases that can inflict a good deal of damage if not promptly caught and treated as soon as they are noticed. To negate this risk altogether, hiring a professional pest control specialist to remove squirrel families and the like as soon as they are noticed is key.

In addition to this, pest control services will also be able to remove rat families and squirrel families in a human way. While inhumane ways of removal are still sometimes available and can unfortunately sometimes become necessary in the most extreme of situations, this is by and large not usually the case. In fact, human squirrel removal can easily result in the live removal of squirrels and squirrel families – but only when pest control professionals are involved in the process.

And you simply can’t just leave squirrel families and rodent populations alone and avoid the need for pest control professionals, as these rodent populations can cause an immense amount of damage in a short period of time. In fact, the populations of these animals is already on the rise. In the city of Chicago alone, pest related calls have climbed by as much as 61% over the past few years. In New York City, the problem is even worse, with such calls increasing by a shocking 129%. And the city of San Francisco perhaps have it worst of all, with calls to pest control companies rising by very nearly 175% (sitting at around 174%, to be just a little bit more exact).

Without pest control services working in these cities, however, the problem would already have been significantly worse. After all, a rat population can jump from two rats to more than 480 million of them in just three years if pest control services are not present in any given location. Though the breeding conditions for these rats have to be just right for this to become a reality, it still shows the staggering rate of breeding that rats can produce, something that should not be overlooked or discounted.

And rats need to eat and are scavengers at heart. Already, rats and all their offspring contaminate or eat one fifth of the total food supply of the world, a number that has been already considerably lowered thanks to the work of the pest control industry here in the United States and throughout the rest of the world as well. However, should pest control services cease to exist for whatever reason, rats and other rodents would likely even be able and likely to contaminate as much as 50% of the entire food supply of the world, something that would nearly certainly lead to problems surrounding disease and even famine.

Fortunately, this is not likely to become the case, as animal removal services are common throughout the United States and in many other places throughout this world as well. And these animal removal services are important for more than just rats, as even squirrel families – though less likely to eat all of your food – can cause a certain amount of damage to the structure of your home. This damage can often be very costly to repair in the squirrel families in question are left for too long and so pest control and removal services are hugely important to mitigate how much the average family actually ends up needing to repair.

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