Taking A Much Closer Look At The Incredible Importance Of Pest Control Services Here In The United States

While the term “pest control” seems self-explanatory, there are a variety of pest control services available. The services you require depend on the situation you’re experiencing in your home. Here are the three most common kinds of pest control services.

1. Pest Removal
Because not all pests that attack a home are insects, not all of them can be eliminated using industrial pest control products. Infestations of raccoons, opossums, and even snakes are common in attics and crawlspaces. For these pest issues, you should explore pest removal services. These bigger creatures can be trapped and relocated by a pest control professional. Occasionally, it takes a while for the pests to be captured in a trap, so the pest control professional may need to make many trips, but you’ll soon have your house back.

2. Pest Extermination
When it comes to existing pest problems, whether it’s ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bees, or any other type of crawling bug, you must take care of it immediately. The best course of action, in this case, is pest extermination. These services are available in many forms, including pesticide sprays, bug traps, ground bee control, and in severe cases, tenting and fumigation of the whole residence.

3. Pest Prevention
The most effective technique for better pest and termite control is to prevent them from entering your house in the first place. This involves treating your property regularly to repel pests and sealing frequent access holes. Insect repellent sprays may deter most pest invaders, but you will need to plug or seal any minor entry openings into your house for larger pests.

From the live removal of squirrels to rodent control and rodent removal regarding rats, pest control services play an important role all throughout the United States. As any animal and rodent removal company knows, such pests as rats and squirrels can be detrimental when they make their homes within our own – and in some cases, they can even be dangerous. They eat our food and destroy our home’s structure, both of which are hugely damaging. And without the help of an experienced animal and rodent removal company, such problems would likely only escalate as time passed on.

Rats, for instance, are becoming particularly problematic in many a major city all throughout the United States. In fact, rodent related calls to pest control companies rose by more than 60% in the city of Chicago alone in the last few years. In the city of New York, these calls rose by as much as 129%. And the city of San Francisco has had it the worst of all, with rodent related calls there scaling up by very nearly as much as 175%. With Chicago and New York City in the top three for most rodent infested cities, Washington D.C. also joins the ranks as the third most rodent infested city in the entirety of this one single country.

Why does this happen – and why so prominently in these big city environments? Primarily, it’s due to the fact that rats are inherently scavengers, creatures that are drawn to conditions that create not only lots of trash, but lots of hiding spaces as well. Cities tend to do this in abundance, while also providing a great deal of food for rats to thrive off of as well. In fact, the pest control industry here in the United States have even estimated that up to half of our food supply would be destroyed by various rodents like rats and squirrels – as well as by insects – if rats did not exist in any capacity.

In addition to this, rats in particular can breed incredibly quickly, multiplying at a rate that is nearly more rapid than we can even comprehend. In fact, it has been speculated that, given the ideal breeding conditions, a population of only two rats could easily multiply to a population of as many as more than 480 million rats over the course of just a few years – three of them, to be exact – alone. But though rats can breed quickly and make more of them far more easily than we as humans can, they are certainly not the only rodent out there that poses a very real threat.

The need for the live removal of squirrels, for example, is prominent among pest control companies and the services that they provide. And while the live removal of squirrels is very human, it’s important that it is conducted and the squirrels aren’t just left to their own devices in someone’s home or place of residence. After all, squirrels can be quite destruction and they can also carry any number of diseases, meaning that they could all too easily pose a very real threat to the residents of the home in question.

It is for this very reason that the live removal of squirrels should only be attempted by a professional in the field. The live removal of squirrels can easily prove to be hugely dangerous if you aren’t equipped properly and don’t have the proper training surrounding the live removal of squirrels, as is all too likely the case for the average home owner here in the United States. Fortunately, squirrel control services are common all throughout the country, so hiring one to conduct a live removal of squirrels can help you to ensure that the squirrels in question are removed safely and humanely from your home and brought to an area and released where they can no longer cause that type of damage or pose that type of threat to human life on a daily basis.

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