Taking a Look At Bathroom Remodels In The United States

There are many reasons to remodel your home. You can remodel your home simply because you want to. You can remodel your home because you are looking to update your style. You can remodel your home to make it safer for you as you begin to age and are likely to run into more and more mobility issues (of if you have a child with a disability that effects their mobility). You can even remodel your home in order to prepare your home to be placed on the market. No matter how you remodel your home, there’s no doubt about it that home remodeling projects are incredibly common here in the United States. In fact, as many as two thirds of all home owners are planning out their next home remodeling project as we speak and even more are likely to be in the middle of one.

A bathroom remodel project is one of the most common types of home renovations conducted by households all throughout the country. Recent data collected in the year of 2017 even shows that the typical bathroom remodel makes up more than seventy five percent of all home renovation projects here in the United States (seventy eight percent, to be even more exact). Bathroom renovations that are undergone during an average bathroom remodel typically include the process to get a new shower or to get a new bathtub, as such things can become worn out over time. For as many as eighty seven percent of those who are in the middle of a bathroom remodel, getting a new tub or shower is on the list. Some will even invest in a tub to shower conversion, making the most out of what they already have. Another popular bathroom remodel project is that of the toilet, with more than ninety percent of those who are undergoing the bathroom renovation process choosing to include an energy efficient toilet as part of it. An energy efficient toilet is not only good for the environment but as it saves so much water it can be immensely beneficial to your bank account as well.

Many people will also choose to remodel their bathrooms and conduct a full fledged bathroom remodel as a way to prepare their homes to be put up for sale on the housing market, as the typical bathroom remodel will have a return on investment of just more than eighty six percent, a considerable amount of money by any means. And even just making small changes to your bathroom space can up the selling price of your home. For some reason, it has been found that homes that have bathrooms that are painted blue will sell for very nearly five thousand and five hundred dollars more than homes that do not feature blue bathrooms in any way. Aside from the interesting fact of the popularity of blue bathrooms, neutral tones are always a safe bet and a sought after color scheme for many people in the United States who are looking to buy a home and become home owners in the near future.

A bathroom remodel can also be beneficial for elderly people, and can help to keep them safe in their own homes. When you body begins to age, your likelihood of sustaining a fall increases. For those who are over the age of sixty five and considered to be elderly in the United States, falling while you are home alone can have life threatening consequences. Unfortunately, falling at home is all too common among the elderly population of this country, with a third of all seniors sustaining a fall in their own homes at least once. Of these falls, the vast majority – more than eighty percent – take place in the bathroom. However, the dangers of the bathroom can be mitigated at least in part by the installation of a shower that comes with a seat. A shower seat can be beneficial for those who do not have the strength or the balance to stand and can allow for independent showering for longer. Strategically placed bars can help to navigate with much more ease.

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