Getting Good Service In Air Conditioner Installation

The time has come, and you finally have to get a new air conditioner. You’re one of the 42% of homeowners who maintain their HVAC system properly, and maybe even one of the 40% of those people who have reported that their HVAC lasts longer than they anticipated as a result. But eventually, you need a new air conditioner installation. What can you expect with air condition installation, and will it be as bad as you fear? It all depends on the HVAC service you choose.

How Good Service Starts

Your air conditioner installation should start with a free consultation in your own home by a specialist in HVAC systems. This consultation is designed to help you choose from among many different systems the one that is the best for your comfort, budget, and lifestyle. If someone’s home all day, the situation may be quite different for you than for a home where everyone is gone for eight hours out of the day.

The consultation will also include a discussion of proper sizing. Every house is unique, and the AC unit that is right for your home might not be right for a different home, even if they are similar in square footage. Finally, you should expect the consultation to help you understand how financing works and what kind of warranties are available for the air conditioner installation you’ve chosen.

What Good Service Proposes

The result of a consultation could be that you narrow your choices down to just two or three units. You should expect to get a proposal from the HVAC company not long after your consultation. The proposal should include everything you need to know about the models you’ve chosen, such as efficiency ratings, rebate information, model numbers, and brochures.

You should also get a list of everything important to the air conditioner installation, such as extended warranties, labor warranties, financing options, manufacturer’s warranties, extended warranty options, and information on parts.

Air Conditioner Installation

When you’ve made your decision, a quality HVAC company will be able to show you all their own licenses, insurance, and permits. They should take out permits for your specific project, if necessary. You should also expect the work to be completely explained in detail and for the professional technicians to respect your property by putting down protective drop cloths and wearing the right protective gear.

At the time of installation, you’ll also choose your thermostat. Energy efficient, programmable thermostats can make an enormous difference to your property’s heating and cooling costs, and you should expect your installation company to be able to give you precise information on all the thermostat possibilities.

Your HVAC system is a big investment, and you rely on it to keep your family safe and comfortable. Find a reliable HVAC repair and installation company, and you’ll have peace of mind that your air conditioner installation will go smoothly and bring your reliable service for years to come.

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