Things to Look For in Licensed Plumbers

licensed plumbersFinding quality, reliable plumbing services can be difficult. The best are almost always busy tending to other customers due to their high demand. For this reason, many customers end up hiring inadequate and sometimes unlicensed plumbers resulting in higher costs for plumbing repairs. That small leak can turn into an even bigger problem if left in the wrong hands. Here are a few tips to make sure the right person is hired for the job.

Ask to See a License
Truly licensed plumbers will have documentation to prove it. Not only should they have a plumbing license, but they should also have insurance as well. This is to protect both the customer and the plumbing professional. In many cases, this insurance covers any other properties that may be affected in the event something goes wrong. In an average American home, 10% of the indoor use of water come from faucets, 30% of use come from toilets. Fixing something as simple as a leak in the correct way can save a household around 10% on their water bills.

Look Up Their Online Reviews
Researching past customer experiences are a great way to find out the quality of work licensed plumbers can provide. Check their website and even social media presence to see how customers react to their work and how the react to customers.

Get Professional References
Aside from friends and family, contractors and real estate agents are often the best resources for finding licensed plumbers. This is because they work closely with these professionals each day. They often have a list of reliable licensed plumbers who are quick to respond to emergency plumbing services.

Shop Around and Get Solid Quotes
There is nothing more stressful than being told one price for a service then being charged more once the job is done. Some plumbers can give a quote over the phone for simple repairs. Others like to see the problem before they can give an accurate quote.

Once you have found the licensed plumber for you, keep them. Store their number in your phone or address book and never let them go. Keep in touch and remember them whenever repairs need to be done. This just may be one lasting relationship.

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