5 Tips for Finding the Best Plumber

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In the United States, we may not think about water all that much but we use a lot of it. We are lucky, most people living around the nation have access to clean water and adequate sanitation but the same cannot be said everywhere. Globally, one in eight people lacks access to clean water. Back home, the typical American family of four goes through about 400 gallons of water every day. We waste a lot of water, too. Leaks, even small ones, can cost a lot. It has been estimated that about 10% of homes around the nation have leaks that lead to the loss of 90 gallons of water every day. The problem is there can be leaks and issues in any part of a home’s plumbing system. When we are starting the task of finding the right plumber, for sewer repair or general plumbing services, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips that should help:

  1. Talk to people you know. You have friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers, who all have indoor plumbing. Therefore, the chances are good that someone you know has used someone to come in and work on their plumber. Maybe they have needed a professional sewer repair job done, their water heater replaced, or they have needed something else. Getting a referral from someone you know and trust is the best way to get decent products or services. Learning who not to hire can also be very helpful.
  2. Look online You can do a basic internet search but also check out Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp! In many parts of the country, there are Facebook groups and pages set up to promote businesses in the area, if you do not belong, this would be a good time to join. If you do not see a post about local plumbers, go ahead and ask. People love to feel helpful. In your basic internet search, do a search such as “plumbers near me.” You can also use your location. For example, if you live in Fort Worth, Texas, you can do a search for, “plumbing services Fort Worth.”
  3. Look for local plumbers who have been in business for a while. You should also ask how long the people who work there have been there. If you need a big job done, such as a sever repair, you want a company with a local reputation and track record for success. You also want to know that the company with the great reputation is run by the people who made it so great. People retire and sell their businesses. You do not want to hire a company because they have a longstanding reputation only to learn new people are running it and are not as good.
  4. Talk to three companies and get written quotes. When you are looking for any kind of service, it is always a good idea to shop around. Talk to at least three different companies so you have a better idea of what your options are. When you get detailed estimates in writing, you will have a better sense of how much you are paying and what you are paying for. These are just estimates that may go up but you can avoid hidden charges and add-ons that can cost a lot.
  5. Do not make your decision solely on the cost. It is important to see what the different companies are charging but it is not a good idea to pick a plumbing services company based only on the price. The company that says they will charge the least for a sewer repair may end up costing you more in the long run. At the same time, some companies price their services based on psychology. People often think that more expensive services are better and that is just not always true.

One of the greatest inventions for the comfort of our lives was indoor plumbing. From time to time, we need to have our systems looked at and may need sewer repairs to be done or general leaks in hour home to be fixed. Finding the right plumber to help when we need them can make all the difference in the world.

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