5 Creative Tips for Using Crushed Gravel

Drainage gravel

Why use crushed gravel or utility sand in your landscaping plans? Finding ways to use crushed gravel can mean far less care in watering and yard maintenance, in the long run, saving you money and effort while still providing a great look to your yard. Here are some creative tips for using crushed gravel, washed gravel, or other types of rocks in your home landscaping:

  • Replace a traditional driveway of concrete or asphalt. Using white crushed gravel is a great way to help keep your car cooler in the summer. The color reflects the heat, and you’ll notice the difference compared to a dark asphalt drive as soon as the sun comes out with any strength. A stone or gravel drive looks good, too.
  • Use rockery rocks or gravel to reduce the area of your lawn. Make some planting beds and cover them with crushed gravel. Make a pathway or patio of flagstone. Use drainage gravel to divert water implementing a lovely dry creek bed design. If you reduce the size of your lawn you reduce the amount of lawn care you have to perform. Not as much to mow, not as much to water, and not as much to fertilize. Just a bit of spot weeding now and then.
  • Speaking of weeds, use sand to help control them. Once you’ve built your patio from flagstone, or if you’ve already got one in flagstone, brick, or even concrete, you can keep the weeks away by sweeping sand into all the cracks and gaps. It will take a bit of effort to do this initially, but the long-term effect will be to drastically reduce your effort and expenses.
  • Mix up stones and crushed gravel to creat variety of texture and color. Whether you’re making a pathway, a parking place, or a border of some kind, mixing your rocks and gravel in different ways and colors can add beauty and variety to any part of your lawn. It’s also a great way to fill in gaps in any landscaping elements you already do have so that everything looks neater and more put together.
  • Use crushed gravel for borders and barriers. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to walk between garden beds or a way to keep all the nice topsoil from getting kicked out of your containers or beds? Crushed gravel, pea gravel, and any sort of small stone can easily perform this kind of function. When the next thunderstorm comes, a nice gravel barrier will keep you from having to clean up a mess or even reapply lots of expensive topsoil to your garden beds.

There are endless uses for rocks and gravel in the average yard. It is as versatile as it is inexpensive, and is always easy to source. Crushed gravel offers a natural look for a yard or garden while minimizing expense and effort in the long run. See where you can arrange gravel delivery in your area and discover some of the creative uses for yourself!

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