New Furnace Installation, To DIY or Not To DIY?


UPDATED 1/28/21

DIY seems to be the current housing trend. You cannot turn on the TV or flip through a home improvement magazine without coming across DIY information or suggestions. Although DIY projects are a great way to save a lot of money on needed remodels and can be a great way to learn about your home, they can be dangerous if they are not completed properly. You can also end up spending a lot more money by an increase in mistakes. Your home?s heating and cooling unit is one of those projects that may just be best to leave to the professional HVAC contractors.

The importance of your HVAC unit
Your HVAC unit is probably very important to your household. It provides you with comfort during extremely hot or cold temperatures. It is also important in protecting your home?s interior, such as the plumbing and appliances. If the heat does not work during the coldest points in the winter, you will be very uncomfortable and risk damaging all of your water pipes. Depending on the time of the season, it may be too late to call out for HVAC services to correct the furnace installation mistakes in time.

You may even find it difficult to schedule a timely furnace repair. According to some HVAC experts, up to 75% of no heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. For this reason, most HVAC professionals recommend not only having a professional complete the furnace installation, but also having regular inspections of the entire HVAC unit to prevent no heat calls.

Necessary updates and renovations
As technology continues to improve, the HVAC units have more capabilities. Many of today?s HVAC units are made with energy efficient additions. Energy efficient homes see lower utility bills and are overall, better for the environment. For every two degrees you lower your thermostat, you can save approximately 5% on your heating costs. Energy efficient and geothermal heating units have the ability to automatically reduce your thermostat, based on your home?s heating habits. It can learn the times when people are most active or when people are sleeping, adjusting the temperature as needed.

Dangers of improper furnace installation
When a furnace is not installed properly, you could be subject to more than high utility bills and a non working furnace. It is also possible that your furnace becomes dangerous. If the furnace installation was done improperly, it could be posing a fire hazard or have the possibility of damaging your cooling unit. If you are unfamiliar with proper furnace installation, it could save you a lot of time and money to go with professional furnace installation services.

Improve current furnace efficiency
Replacing a furnace can be expensive. For this reason, many homeowners prefer to have their existing furnace repaired. Even with the best furnace repairs, you might find that it is still not doing the job efficiently. This could be a problem with your insulation instead. Approximately 25% of your home?s heat is lost through small cracks and holes. You may not have the experience or ability to track these areas, whereas an experienced HVAC contractor can. When you outsource your HVAC needs and furnace installation, you will also receive valuable information regarding improving the efficiency of your home?s current heating.

DIY projects tutorials are everywhere. It is even possible that you have tried your hand at a couple of them. Some DIY projects result in failures and some successes. However, there are some projects that you do not want to take that chance with, such as a new furnace installation or HVAC repairs. Your HVAC system is one of the most important functioning systems in your house. Failure to successfully install the furnace can be a fire hazard, can leave you in the cold during the coldest days of winter, and can result in significantly increased home heating bills.

About Furnace Installation

Correcting furnace installation mistakes quickly helps saves time and money. Furnaces provide comfort during the colder months. Known as heaters or boilers, its equipment used to heat and regulate temperatures of buildings and residences. There are four main types of furnaces: electric, gas, propane, and oil.

Furnace installation can cost between $6820 and $12350, on average. HVAC installation typically includes a central air conditioner, new ductwork, and gas furnace. This all depends on the size of one’s home, the brand, and the grade of the equipment used.

What is the cost to upgrade heating systems? Upgrading a heating system can be expensive, so it’s advisable to do enough research before calling an expert to do it. The average cost ranges around $8267 depending on the home and the type and brand that one decides to use.

If you’re looking for efficient gas heating systems, the geothermal heat pump is the best system to use in the household. It is efficient and the cost is often cheaper. This because they use renewable energy and do not burn fossil fuels.

What about an electric forced air furnace cost? The average cost of an electric furnace is about $1500 to $3500, depending mostly on the size and quality of the furnace. This is because residential homes use up to thirteen cents in every kilowatt. They also last longer, about twenty to thirty years.

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