Dangers of Deceased Deer Near Your Property

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Research shows that the population of the white-tailed deer has increased dramatically from 500,000 to nearly 30 million in current times. When an animal sees a large increase in population growth, it’s likely we will see more of them in our lives. In many cases, deer dart across the roads all over the United States. Unfortunately, many drivers will not be able to brake in time and hit the deer. In this post, you will learn the dangers posed by leaving a dead deer near your property.

  • The Smell of Decay: Once an animal has died, the smell may not be that bad in the beginning. However, especially in warmer months, a dead deer could permeate through into your home. The last thing you want to deal with after a long day is the smell of decay present in your home. Calling a dead deer removal service ensures that an animal carcass is longer a smelly problem for you.
  • Potential Danger to Children and Pets: Little ones and animals sometimes get into places they shouldn’t Having an animal near your property could mean a carcass brimming with diseases. A local animal control service will ensure that dead deer are quickly and efficiently removed from your living space.
  • Could Bring Out Animal Predators in the Area: Predatory animals have a distinct sense of smell. This sense of smell is the reasons that hawks will fly over dead animals. However, hawks are nowhere near the only animal predators that lurk outside of a home. Dead deer removal services should be called if you spot a deceased deer to avoid these animals. If waiting too long to have a deer removed, you could find coyotes and wolves in your lawn.
  • Potential Danger for Vehicles if on Roadway: It is estimated that 1.2 million collisions took place between automobiles and deer between July 2011 and June 2012. In addition, these collisions cost over $4 billion in automobile damage. In the event that a deer is deceased, it can still pose a threat to motorists. Driving over a deer only makes the entire situation more of a mess. In addition, driving over a larger deer could cause problems for the vehicle unlucky enough to do it. Pest control specialists can usually handle removing larger animals.
  • In closing, there are many threats posed by having a dead deer near your property. The stench of decay is unpleasant, especially if it reaches into your home. Dead animals are carriers of many diseases and other nasty things you don’t want small children or animals near. If a deceased animal is in one area too long, it could draw out potentially dangerous animal predators. Passing drivers that come into contact with a deceased deer could find themselves dealing with a hefty repair bill. Calling a dead deer removal service gives you peace of mind from the dangers of a dead animal. More like this article.

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