8 Tips for Organic Lawn Care

A host of options are available for homeowners when it comes to lawn care services. From organic weed control options to innovative mowing and grass maintenance services, no matter what your needs are, chances are there is a new innovation to help make it easier. As technology advances and lawn care professionals embrace new tools and innovations, it becomes easier than ever to get a better lawn care experience.

Today there are innovative options such as a new app for grass cutting that lets you know when it is time to schedule a cut. There are news devices such as a simple app for lawn mowing service schedule, so you can quickly control when the lawn guy arrives to cut the grass and tend to the lawn. All of these innovations are aimed at home lawn care and are designed to make the entire process easier for you as a homeowner and easier for the lawn guy as well.

As technology continues to improve and new innovations come down the line, it is exciting to think about what lawn care may look like in five or ten years from now!

Organic lawn care

It should come as no surprise that most Americans care about how their lawns and gardens look. People spend a ton of time and money making sure the grass on their lawns looks lush and healthy. It has been estimated that health turfgrass will raise the value of a property by between 15% and 20%. More and more homeowners are looking for organic lawn care options.

The people at Planet Naturalandnbsp;have come up with a number of tips and tricks for organic lawn care. Whether you are looking for organic lawn care Cary, organic lawn care Buffalo Grove or organic lawn care Round Lake, these will help you keep your lawn looking great naturally:

  1. Do not kill all the bugs in your yard. While some are pests, if you have termites, you should kill them, the vast majority (98%) are good for your yard and lawn.
  2. Organic matter in your soil will help your plants. By putting even an inch of compost on your lawn, you can help the grass. You can add the compost in the fall or you can leave the clippings when you mow. They will decompose naturally and provide the remaining grass with key nutrients that will help keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. When you add organic matter, you also increase your lawn’s ability to hold onto water.
  3. Corn gluten is great for lawns. It does a few things. It returns needed nitrogen to your grass but it can also prevent weed seeds from developing. To keep your grass healthy and your weeds to a minimum, you should add corn gluten products.
  4. Deal with weeds when they are small and young. That is when it is easier to get rid of weeds than if you wait until they are more well established and already spreading seeds throughout your lawn. Half of the battle when dealing with weeds is preventing the seeds from germinating. If you can get rid of seeds or just keep them in the inert form, you will be in much better shape in terms of weed control.
  5. Be careful about mowing your lawn. In the first place, you need to do this on dry grass. When the grass is wet, you will have a harder time getting an even cut. You also need to take care to not cut too much from your grass. When you “mow high,” the result will be a healthier lawn. Experts recommend leaving the grass at lengths between two and a half and three and a half inches for optimal health. You should also be careful to use sharp blades on your lawn mower. It makes a big difference in the cut you get on your grass. Taking care when mowing is an essential part of lawn care.
  6. If you use fertilizer, make it slow release and organic. These products feed the grass more slowly over time. Chemical fertilizers should be avoided because they can destroy the structure of the soil, kill beneficial microbes and frighten off earthworms. Nitrogen is found in large amounts in the atmosphere but cannot be used until it has been processed by the microbes in your soil. You do not want to kill them if you want to have a healthy lawn.
  7. Be smart about your watering. You should water your lawn in the early morning or late afternoon evening. When you water in the middle of the day, you will lose a lot of the water to evaporation. You should also set your sprinklers to stay on longer. The idea is that you want to have a longer watering time but you can do this less often. You need the water to reach areas that are between four and six inches down.
  8. Take some time to aerate your lawn. This does not have to be done all that often. Once every few years should be enough to get the maximum benefit from the process. This will get nutrients, water and air into the area of soil where the roots are.

Most homeowners view their lawns as extensions of the living space inside of their homes. We spend a lot of time relaxing and entertaining in these spaces. These tips will help keep them looking great.

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