Home Updates and Construction Projects Can Add Value to Your Home

Spa bathroom colors

The worst place to clean in your house is the master bathroom shower. In fact, if you do not spend a good hour on it at least once a week the enclosed shower floor looks terrible. With the use of bleach and other strong cleaners you can use a stiff scrub brush and make some real progress. This work, however, is exhausting. It involves you scrubbing on your hand and knees in an awkward space. More than once you have actually felt light headed when you have used too much bleach and have forgotten to turn on the exhaust fans.
It is not that you have not taken care of the shower, it is just that it is 20 years old and the surface is not easy to maintain. Aside from the floor of the shower, it is getting more and more difficult to keep the grout clean. Your husband has pulled it out twice and replaced it, but it still has some very hard to clean locations.
After months of battling to keep the space clean you have finally decided to take on a major renovation project. You have been meeting withe both designers and contractors to finalize the plans for a new and improved master bath area. The new spa bathroom design is going to have a whole new shower that will not need a door, but will instead have a walk in design. The new tile that you have selected is advertised as being very easy to maintain and you have decided to use the same tile on the floor of the shower as well.
Do You Have Major Renovation Plans for Your Home?
Whether you are looking at antique bathroom fixtures for your new spa bathroom or you are looking for ideas for a small kitchen remodeling project, home improvements can increase your enjoyment of your space, while also adding to the value of your home. And while many home owners take on many remodeling projects, research indicates that in the year 2015, the top two most common remodeling jobs were bathroom remodeling, 81%, and kitchen remodeling, 79%. Unfortunately, these two remodeling projects are also some of the most expensive changes you can make to a house.
In spite of the investments required for both kitchen and bathroom remodels, the good news is that both of these projects and have significant return on investment (ROI). More specifically, bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% ROI, while even a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 82.7%.
Consider some of these most common renovations:
Spa Bathrooms. The decision to update your current master bathroom to a spa bathroom can include adding a new shower that has multiple shower heads, a steam area, and heated tile floors. This modern bathroom design is a chance to upgrade to floors, tubs, and showers that are easier to clean and easier to maintain. For instance the decision to pull up carpet in an older designed bathroom means that this space will be easier to keep it free of dampness that can lead to dangerous mold and mildew. From making use of the newest subway tile designs to including additional storage, bathroom remodels can make your master spa design one of the greatest spaces in your home.
Professional Kitchens. Double ovens, warming ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators that have fronts that match the cabinet fronts, and other upgrade can make your home seem like a kitchen that you would find in a professional kitchen. With gas flame burners, for instance, you can have even more control over the meals that you prepare and the new recipes that you try. All of these updates, however, can cost a pretty penny. Many experts explain, for example, that it is often recommended that you budget 15% to 25% more money than you expect to need for your kitchen remodel. This extra room gives you the chance to make the best choices, instead of settling for less expensive alternatives.
Are you ready to make some changes to your house? Could your master bathroom or kitchen use an upgrade? Planning for home improvements can help you enjoy your home more while adding to its value.

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