What’s So Good About Glass Tile Designs?

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There are many reasons why you may want to upgrade the design of your house. Perhaps you got a raise at work. Perhaps your spouse is nagging you to make the place look nicer. Perhaps you yourself want to upgrade the look and style of your home. No matter what the cause may be, installing glass tile designs is the way to go. “Why,” you ask? Well, there are many reasons for that as well, but here are five.

  1. They Look Beautiful and Professional
    Glass tile designs look like art pieces. They increased the artistic flair of whatever surface they are added to. These mosaic tile patterns enrich whatever surface, room, and area they get installed to and make you look better for having them. For instance, think of day spas. These are full of walls with artistically placed glass tile colors. They make your visit more relaxed with a calming atmosphere created thanks to the design. If you want your house to be upgraded to professional standards then you need to look into glass tiles too.
  2. Beautify Your Bathroom
    The most obvious place to put your new glass tile patterns would be to put them in your bathroom. Imagine your bathroom wall tiles lighting up the room with their elegance. Or, think about the shower floor tiles which sparkle against the running water. After all, 79% of homeowners said that all glass showers were the way to go. If the majority of homeowners think so, its worth at least looking into. Plus, with all the different styles and designs out there you can mix and match until you’ve got a look all your own.
  3. Not Just For the Bathroom
    But let’s not forget that these tiles are not just for the bathroom. You can use glass tiles for kitchen improvement as well. In fact, on average a small kitchen remodel can end up being an big investment. Specifically, your investment can be around 82%! This means that you out there who are thinking of changing something up in your kitchen could end up not only loving the changes, but benefiting from them. And of course, if you’re going to change something up in the kitchen anyway you might as well upgrade the look by installing glass tiles.
  4. It’s Eco Friendly
    In addition to the great look, glass tile designs are also great for the environment. “Just how,” you might ask. Well, that’s because they are created from recycled material. In fact, glass tiles are a great contributor in one of the largest recycle advances today. The Environmental Protection Agency states that back in 1980 the amount of recycled glass was at about 750,00 tons. Then, in 2012 that increased from 750,000 tons to more than three million tons. Since glass is one of the most commonly recycled materials, its only natural that it would eventually hit our style designers. In order to be more cost efficient, glass tiles have been created with recycled glass. This ends up helping your wallet just as much as it helps those creating the tiles.
  5. Beautiful Swimming Pools
    Lastly, glass tiles aren’t just something that can make the inside of your home beautiful, but also the outside of your home. If you have a backyard that has a swimming pool for example, you have a great place to put mosaic tiles. Imagine its a hot summer day. You decide to enjoy the weather and spend some time outside. You change into your swimwear and then hop into the pool. Then, as you swim in the water you look down and to the sides and see the sweet shimmering of the glass tiles that fill your pool with beauty. Doesn’t that sound good? Using mosaic tile patterns can only enhance your living experience.

These are just some of the reasons why you should look into glass tile designs. If you research more you will find several other reasons to consider the beautiful look and care that these tiles provide. From bathroom to kitchen and pool, your house could look stunning with a remodel that involves glass and mosaic tiles. Consider them today and you will find out they were worth it.

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