Are You Getting Ready to Upgrade Your Driveway or Backyard Patio?

Stamped concrete patio nj

Today’s stamped concrete concepts bare little resemblance to concrete patios and driveways of the past. While it may have been common in the past to simply order a poured concrete driveway or patio, today’s decisions for these surfaces can be more complex. Do you want that stained? Do you want that stamped to resemble brick pavers? Do you want a textured, uneven surface? The list of questions can be extensive. When a home or business owner makes the decision to install a new concrete surface today they are also making the decision to select design choices that can compliment the entrance to the home or business.
Decorative Concrete Surface Choices Continue to Expand
It may come as no surprise that the choices in concrete driveways, walkways, and patios can be different from one region of the country to the next. Just as the types of siding, roofing, and front doors selected for homes and businesses can vary from one location in the country to the next, so too can stamped concrete concepts. While some parts of the Midwest, for example, may be satisfied with simple concrete or asphalt driveways on even the nicest homes, in other parts of the country stamped concrete concepts dominate the choices made by homes in all price ranges.
For instance, stamped concrete contractors in NJ may recommend different kinds of stamped concrete designs than would be the norm in the Midwest. The choices of stamped concrete NJ, on the other hand, may seem limited when they are compared to the surfaces that are offered in places in the southwest where there is never a chance of snow or ice.
As home and business owners look for more options to help distinguish their properties, stamped concrete concepts grow in popularity. And while it may have at one time been a popular decision to install a brick driveway in some more expensive home locations in some parts of the country, the maintenance involved with those surfaces was time consuming. Instead, more and more home and business owners are opting for a stamped concrete surface that provides the color of a brick product, but is actually a stamped concrete product that is much easier to care for and maintain.
Designed with patterns that are made using large, flexible polyurethane stamps, decorative concrete choices can be customized to closely resemble the exterior features of a home. Theses stamps are about two feet by two feet square and only an inch or two thick. When they are pressed into wet concrete they create a textured finish that resembles a stone laid surface. And while it may seem that these surfaces might only be for the owners of large and expensive homes, the price is sometimes surprising. In fact, decorative concrete often costs less than using natural stone, brick, or or pavers. Stamped concrete prices can range from $4 a square foot for plain to $15 and up a square foot for stamped, colored, or aggregate. The added expense of the restaining or resealing that needs to be done every two or three years is also minimal.
Are You Looking for a Visual Feature That Will Help Your Home Stand Out from the Crowd?
Real estate research indicates that backyard patios and other outdoor concrete features may actually help homes sell or increase in market value. One study showed, in fact, that houses with patios often sell faster. For instance, nearly 96,000 houses with patios were sold in 2014. This is an increase from 59,000 houses with patios that sold in 2010. In total, 22% of the houses sold in 2014 came with a patio, indicating a larger share than the 6% of houses with a deck or the 16% with a porch.
Given that nearly 75% of home owners have a grill or smoker, it should come as no surprise that patios are growing increasingly popular. Home owners who love to entertain often see their backyards as extensions of their homes, and as such they are not always satisfied with plain concrete surfaces. Stamped and stained concrete patios that closely resemble or starkly contrast the home’s exterior can help create a relaxing and inviting outdoor dining experience.

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