Why You Need a Visit from a Radon Testing Contractor

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As our societies continue to grow and develop, we continue to gain more and more knowledge about the world around us. Substances, procedures, or treatments that were once unknown or thought to be safe and beneficial have been discovered to be harmful. The collective knowledge of the human race will continue to be built upon as science, medicine, and technology continue to progress, and as that happens, we will need to continue to fight the effects of dangerous situations we may have put ourselves in as a result of underdeveloped understanding in the past.

One such example is the necessity for radon testing and inspection in homes and buildings. People have not always been aware of the dangers of the harmful gas, but know that the effects are known, there are ways to protect against it, starting with calling a local radon testing contractor.

What can a radon testing contractor do?

Radon testing, inspection, and if necessary, mitigation, is important in your home for the health of your family. Radon is particularly dangerous because there is virtually no way to detect it with your own senses. It has no color, taste, or odor, but it is radioactive and therefore incredibly dangerous to people. The noble gas is a product of decaying radium, naturally occurring but certainly not safe.

A radon testing contractor will be able to determine if there are any radon levels present, and if any are detected, even the smallest traces, radon mitigation and abatement services will be the immediate next order of business.

How harmful is radon?

Radon is definitely one of those substances that you are better staying away from than risking your chances being around. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, and the Office of the Surgeon General have both warned against radon, estimating that as many as 20,000 deaths every year that result from lung cancer are caused by radon.

The Surgeon General has also stated that across the United States, radon is in fact the second highest cause of lung cancer today. Knowing this, the idea that around one in every 15 houses across the country has been estimated to have levels of radon either at or above the EPA action level, is really quite terrifying.

There are plenty of dangers to watch out for these days. But there are have also been plenty of ways to fight against these dangers, and protect ourselves against them. If you are not sure of the radon levels in your home, call a contractor immediately and schedule a testing. Your life, and the lives of your family members and loved ones who visit your home depend on it.

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