What Are Your Best Options for Home Repairs or Sales?

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Did you ever think you might find yourself living in a real life version of Love it or List It? Due to all kinds of foreseen or unforeseen circumstances you might find yourself needing to put your house on sale or to go in for some serious home remodeling. If you decide to put up your home for sale, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to go through a realtor or agent to sell your house.

Love it or list it?
So, what are your options? You can just choose to finally go ahead with the home and backyard remodeling that gives you extra space, a safe place for your kid and pets to play, and a finished basement or in-law suite for guests. A home improvement contractor can help you plan your home and patio remodeling, and carry out every step of it. Or you may decide that it’s time for a compete change and you’re ready to add your home to the listings of houses for sale.
If you love your home and the location, but there are some things that just drive you crazy, you may be able to get away with a remodel. What would you like for change? From a finished basement to backyard design ideas, this is your chance to get the home of your dreams.

Home improvements add value
Some of the most common problems people face with homes they have been living in are lack of space and unfinished or underutilized areas like basements and backyards. With custom home remodels, you can literally make over your home to your specifications, changing the things you don’t like while keeping the features that you love. About a third of 35% of all remodeling jobs actually cover the entire house.

The good news is that home remodels add value to your house and property. New windows and doors, central air conditioning, and backyard remodels all contribute to a higher market price. New kitchen appliances are a priority for home owners and 69% are willing to pay more for these. And even a minor kitchen remodel gives you an 82.7% return on investment (ROI) on average.

Ready to sell?
For a number of reasons, you may have no choice but to put up your home for sale. Some of these reasons are divorce, impeding foreclosure, and relocation due to a new job. Or you may be looking to get rid of a property you inherited but don’t want, or a rental property with troublesome tenants or vacant units. Or it may just be in such bad shape that you can’t afford the repairs.
Whatever your reasons for putting up your home for sale, you may think you’re in for a difficult time, dealing with real estate agents, inspectors, and a whole lot else. The good news is that you don’t always have to rely on agents to sell your house. You can even avoid having to pay their enormous fees.

Local buyers are looking for a home for sale
Local home buyers who are also contractors may just buy the house from you directly and carry out the necessary repairs themselves. Since they’re not dependent on banks, they can work to your schedule if you’re in a hurry to sell. They will also give you a fair price and you save on realtors’ fees.
One of the big advantages of dealing with local buyers is that because they’re a local business, they have a reputation to maintain. It’s in their interest to make sure that you get a fair deal.

Whichever option you choose, it’s good to know that you have some choices when it comes to either home repairs and remodels or a sale. Home repairs and sales are incredibly difficult, but with help from a local contractor or home buyer, you can get a good deal and end up living in the home of your choice.

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