Tips for Hiring the Right Landscaping Service

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Good landscaping can add a lot of value to a home. It has been estimated that at least 83% of all Americans consider having a lawn to be very important. At least 97% of all real estate agents recommend their clients have good landscaping be done to a home before they put the house on the market. If you are looking for a good landscaping service, there are ways to find the best one for you.

  1. Talk to your friends and family. If you know people in your area who own their home, you probably know people who have used a landscaping service. The best way to find good quality products and services is to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Talk to your friends and family about who they used, what they thought about the experience, how they found their landscaping company and how much they spent.
  2. Look them up online. If you have a list of landscaping services companies, you should look up their reputation online. Sites like Facebook have groups and pages to promote businesses in different areas. Look you your city or locality and you probably will be able to find the goods or services you are looking for. If someone has not already posted about local landscaping services, post the question. You will get a response and can learn a lot about the company. You can also check Angie’s List and Yelp. One caveat to looking online is that people are much more likely to complain than compliment so if you see a lot of negative comments that were posted anonymously, you should take them all with a grain of salt.
  3. Make sure the landscaping service company has the right licenses and insurance. Before you have any company do any work at your home, you need to make sure they have all of the right insurance and license. The licensing requirements differs from place to place so you need to find out what you need to find out what is needed for your city and state. You need to make sure that if someone is injured while working on your property, you will not be held liable. If the company you go with does not have the right insurance, you will be. Also, landscaping services that have the right licenses and insurance are more professional than those who do not.
  4. Do they take the time to answer your questions? Most people like to hire companies who provide good customer service. When you are dealing with landscaping services or other services at your home, hiring a company with good customer service is essential. One of the benefits to hiring a landscaping company is having professionals take care of your lawn so that it looks great but you will never get what you want if they do not listen to you or answer your questions when you have them. If a company will not take the time to answer your questions before you become a customer, you can be rest assured that they will not have the time after you hire them.
  5. How well do they take care of their equipment? When you are talking to different landscaping services companies, you should ask them how often they sharpen the blades on their mowers and others that they use. An expert in residential landscaping services can tell from looking at a blade of grass can tell you how sharp the blade was that was used to cut that grass. You need the landscaping services company to use well maintained equipment. Using sharp equipment will make a big difference in the way your lawn looks. Blades that are expected to last longer than ten hours on lawns will not be as effective.
  6. Ask about contracts. Some landscaping services require clients sign contracts that are long. If you are asked to sign one, do not be surprised if you are asked to do this. Ask them if you can get away without signing a contract until you have worked with them a bit. You need to know that you like the landscaping services that they provide.

If you take your time and do some research, you will find the right company for you./p>

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