5 Backyard Trends

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Did you know that the United States landscaping industry generates roughly $74 billion dollars of revenue every year? Home owners generally understand that there is a need for a presentable front and back yard when it comes to livability, contentment, and increasing a home’s overall worth. A well landscaped yard can often be a deal-sealer when it comes to buying a home- it’s best to keep things looking presentable out there. Here are a few suggestions to consider when shopping for a new landscape design.

  • PergolaA pergola is a (usually) wooden structure that provides both sun and shade. It is usually made of beams that are raised like a flat roof above a deck. Many home owners will plant climbing ivy alongside them.
  • Rock gardenFor a low-maintenance garden that still looks sophisticated, add large boulders and rocks to a mulched area and plant a few easy-to-handle grasses
  • Stone patioLandscape services are working overtime these days to fulfill everyone’s desire for a stone patio. Easy to maintain and more appealing than brick or concrete, the patio is a great place to bring the family together.
  • Raised flowerbedA landscaping company may not do this for you, but a raised flowerbed is an easy enough DIY that looks fantastic in the backyard. Planting fruits and vegetables in these will ensure an ordered cleanliness.
  • Retaining wallA retaining wall design can fit both form and functional needs. Concrete retaining walls can prevent erosion if your backyard is hilly, and it can also pose as a lawn boarder. To build a retaining wall for erosion purposes, you may need to contact a retaining wall service company.

Research shows that adding trees, shrubs, plants, walks, lighting, and patios can increase the value of your property by 20%! So this summer be sure to look into what it will cost to make a few upgrades to your backyard space. No matter what you decide on, professional landscapers will help you achieve a well thought out and functional landscape design, so you can enjoy every part of the property you put so much time and effort into.

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