Design and Build Better Projects with Micro Screws

Micro screws

When you’re a project development engineer, you want to have exactly what you need to complete a design to your exact specifications. Are standard fasteners driving your design project? If so, why not order custom fasteners? Not only can you build better projects with high quality custom fasteners, you can also order ultra thin head screws. These micro screws can make a difference when you’re designing thinner assemblies.

Micro Screws: Composition and Specifications

High-strength alloys are used to create most screws. They are like 4140 with Rockwell C hardnesses from 32-to-43, and have a minimum tensile strength of 144 KSI. When fabricating these screws, they are heat-treated and then tempered at 650 Fahrenheit or above.

Micro Screws: Thread Types

The first screw thread type usually has a flat-head and is approximately 10 mm long. These tend to be utilized for two purposes in PC construction:

    To fasten fans to the case
    For other ventilation-related plastic parts

The second screw thread type is also used for PC construction, and can be modified, or cut, to use a #2 Phillips screwdriver. These are United National Coarse, or UNC, and are 6-32 standard. Basically, this means that they have a #6 wire thread with 32 threads per inch.

Fine-threaded screws are somewhat stronger. These smaller threads also don’t take up as much space.
Furthermore, a 1/4 UNF also tends to be approximately 14% stronger than a UNC screw.

Shoulder Screw Specifications

The most common material for a precision-grade shoulder screw is 303 stainless in its cold-drawn condition.The specifications for these screws are measured by shoulder diameter and length. The shoulder diameter, for example, may be 1/4 inch and the shoulder, 1 inch.

When you’re looking for small or miniature screws as well as shoulder bolts for your next project, consider purchasing custom set screws and custom shoulder bolts. When you choose custom micro screws, rather than standard screws, you have more control over your product design and development.

Furthermore, when you’re creating a design for smaller devices, this can make a major difference in how all the parts fit together as well as the strength of the assembly. Ultra-thin head screws are a good choice for when you;re designing thinner assemblies. These are available down to a 0.2mm thickness.

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