A Hurricane’s A-Comin’ 4 Reasons Why You Should Seek Shelter Above Ground

Storm shelters

Although there are some regions within the U.S. that are accustomed to dealing with tornadoes and hurricanes, some areas — like New York City — may soon experience some types of extreme weather conditions that are completely new to the area. Although forecasts vary, it’s entirely possible that Hurricane Matthew may be headed towards the Big Apple. Even if this particular storm could miss, it’s plausible that parts of the country that have so rarely experienced these intense storms could soon find themselves caught in the middle of one, totally unprepared.
This highlights why it’s so imperative to have access to above ground storm shelters. Hurricane and tornado shelters were traditionally relegated to underground existence, but studies have shown that above ground storm shelters have numerous benefits and are often a much more practical option — especially for anyone who lives in apartment or in a metropolitan setting. The threat of these dangerous and potentially devastating storms is becoming a reality for people across the nation; residents need to be prepared and safe in the event of a storm. Here are four reasons why you should seek refuge in an above ground shelter:

  • Can go anywhere
    Unlike underground shelters, above ground storm shelters can be put anywhere! This is a huge benefit for those with a small amount of space. Apartment dwellers can put a storm shelter in their pantry or closet and be totally protected from harm. In addition, city residents often rely on public transportation to get from one destination to another. In the event of a storm, this transportation will often be shut down, trapping people in one location. Having an above ground tornado safe room or shelter from an impending hurricane can allow you to stay within your home and not risk life and limb by attempting to travel to another location.
  • Just as safe
    Many people have the idea that underground shelters are somehow safer than above ground ones. This simply isn’t true! There have never been any documented deaths or injuries in above ground safe rooms and shelters, and no tested safe room has ever failed. When tested, neither above nor below ground safe rooms have led to any storm-related deaths. If you could invest in a room within your home or garage that would keep you safe from harm, why wouldn’t you?
  • Handicap-accessible
    For many families, handicap accessibility is a huge concern. In the event of an emergency, you want to make sure that all family members are safe and sound. Underground shelters require basement access, which is usually off-limits for those with disabilities or who require a wheelchair. But because above ground shelters are right there in your home and don’t require the use of steps, you’ll ensure that everyone can be protected.
  • Versatile and valuable
    In addition to tornadoes and hurricanes, above ground safe rooms can keep you from other types of dangers. If there’s an intruder in your home, you can be protected within your above ground shelter and notify authorities. And although we hope to never deal with a terrorist attack or an outbreak of a highly contagious disease, an above ground safe room would allow us to have the security features we would require. In addition, having a panic room adds value to your home and can be located by GPS.

If you’re considering investing in a safe room, give serious thought to above ground storm shelters. They allow you to have the safety measures you require while remaining in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a sprawling estate or an apartment with no basement access, having an above ground shelter can be the answer to dangerous storms, home break-ins, and other threats.

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