Tips to Modernize Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms can be boring. It is perhaps the most utilitarian room in the whole house, and yet bathroom remodeling ideas are second only to kitchen remodeling on home improvement websites. The great thing about sprucing up a bathroom is that small changes can make a big difference. Below are a few easy changes, and a couple drastic ones to give you bathroom remodeling ideas for your next home project.

Change the Mirror, Change the Light: How Changing One Element Makes a Big Difference.

There are three pivotal points in the bathroom that when changed, create a very different look. Switch out the bathroom mirror, the color on the walls, or the lighting.

    Old Mirror On the Wall:Typically, bathrooms have either a cheap mirror or a medicine cabinet. If the mirror is too small for the space, it could be replaced with a larger one. If, on the other hand, it is already filling up space above the sink you can add a border to the outside edge to fake the look of a more expensive-looking fixture.

    Boring White Does Your Complexion NO Favors.No one looks good under bright lights reflecting off of white walls. To boost your mood, paint the walls a soft shade that will flatter anyone’s complexion, such as a pale pink or at least a cream color.

    The Right Lighting Makes Everything Look Better.Sparse florescent lights from above are notoriously terrible. The bathroom is meant to be the one room where we take care of bodily needs, and perfect our appearances. Badly lighting makes that task more difficult. Look for lightbulbs that are yellow-tinged. The light will be less harsh, on the face and the room decor.

Everything Must Go! Starting With the Floor.

For a more intensive remodel, it may prove necessary to tear up the floor and replace the countertops. Sometimes, the best bathroom remodeling ideas will come from a professional, who has experience with bathrooms of all sizes and can work within a budget. Do not rule out asking your local flooring contractor about the types of flooring that would suit the vision you have for this project.

Sometimes, a feature you think you will love turns out to be… not quite right. Consult a contractor for a second opinion if things do not seem to be coming together. It could be that one component does not fit with the other fixtures. For example, many people love the idea of a granite countertop, and they should: a granite counter that is properly maintained can look great for up to 50 years. But maybe a quartz counter would match better. You may need a second opinion.

Remodel to See a Return on Your Investment.

Bathroom remodels typically show a return of about 86%, when the house is resold. Does that give you a few bathroom remodeling ideas for your home? A modern bathroom is appealing to homebuyers. Good lighting, wide mirrors, and deep tubs are popular. While granite or quartz countertops are a sure sign of quality, there are not absolutely necessary to update a bathroom. Tile or even formica can look great if the colors match the rest of the decor.

To review, it is easy to change the decor in a bathroom. Simple changes to the walls, mirror, or lighting can have a big effect. But for larger projects, it is better to choose carefully. It is not as easy to fix a mistake with the flooring or the countertops.

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