Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Don’t Have to be Huge Read On Below!

Replace faucets

If you’re looking for a new home, you probably know that it’s not quite possible to get the absolute perfect home, unless you’ve had it custom built for you. Even though the house might fit 99% of the criteria you were looking for, there’s always going to be that 1% that isn’t quite what you wanted. But luckily, that 1% (and often more) keeps renovators and home remodelers in business. And it means that you can have your perfect dream home after all! Sometimes it’s little things, like installing ice makers in the refrigerator/freezer unit and having to attach water supply lines. Sometimes it’s dealing with a leaking faucet or leaking pipes, or needing some basic home plumbing repairs. Whatever your needs, there’s a professional out there who can help you achieve the look and function you desire for our home.
I Totally Hate My Kitchen. What Do I Do?
Oh no! Kitchens are one of those rooms in a house that you’ll often find stuffed to capacity — everyone likes to be in the kitchen, even if all the food is out in the dining room or living room. There’s something cozy about a kitchen and a comforting factor in watching people bustle about the kitchen. But unfortunately, many kitchens are often built impractically, with not enough storage space, counter space, or awkward angles. And since each person is a bit different in their cooking styles and what they require, chances are, your kitchen is going to get remodeled at least once, to fit your tastes. For example, installing ice makers might be a top priority for you, as might be installing dishwashers, whereas the previous owners may not have worried too much about the lack of an ice maker and were used to washing their dishes by hand.
In good news, if you’re worried about shelling out a lot of money for a kitchen remodel, even a minor one has a fairly significant return on investment (ROI), of almost 83%. So if you ever decide to resell the house, you might get quite a bundle of money back!
And What About the Bathrooms?
Bathrooms are another room that are used often but often cramped, dark, and dysfunctional.Indeed, a survey put out by the National Association of Home Builders shows that a bathroom remodel is the most requested job, making up almost 80% of all renovations. If you’re thinking about doing a bathroom remodel, think ahead about saving on water bills and energy usage. Installing a low-flush toilet, for example could save you as much as 18,000 gallons of water every year!
Even if you don’t do a full-scale bathroom remodel, you’ll want to check existing hardware for leaks. A typical household leaks over 10,000 gallons of water a year — you could be washing 270 loads of laundry with all that water! Around 10% of homes leak 90 gallons or more every day and if you fix the easily corrected household water leaks, you could save around 10% on your water bill. It’s always better to take a look early in the game and get a plumber in to nip that sort of thing in the bud.
What Sorts of Remodels Can Make My Kitchen and Bathroom Really Stand Out?
Most people are looking for functionality. So, installing ice makers, a larger sink, adequate (and hidden) storage, an island (in some cases), and common household appliances like a dishwasher and microwave can make a huge difference in a kitchen. Reducing clutter with good storage can make a huge impact on the way a space is viewed.
In the bathroom, it’s important to have adequate ventilation and good storage, to keep things from feeling too cramped and to prevent mold from growing. Light paint colors and good lighting can often make a smaller bathroom feel larger as well.
If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it’s usually worth it. They’re two rooms in a house that many buyers look closely at, and it’ll make your life easier if you end up installing ice makers, for example, for the time that you’re living there.

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