Catching Water Damage as Soon as It Happens Is Essential to Avoiding Mold

If your home or business has suffered water damage, no matter how minor or severe, you will need the services of local mold removal companies to restore that space to its previous condition. The best water restoration companies are those that work within their local communities and that offer fast and reliable services for any water damage, mold remediation, and clean-up services that are needed.

These pros can walk you through the process of cleanup and restoration following a water leak, flood, storm damage, or other water intrusion event. They can tell you the best way to dry the floor after flooding and how to repair drywall and ceiling damage as well. There are many things to check and consider when cleaning up water and flood damages so working with the local pros is a great investment of your time and money.

Getting rid of black water damage and cleaning up after storm flooding or black water flood damage is easier when you are guided every step of the way. So, contact your local water cleanup and remediation company today and see what they can do for you!

Noticeable mildew or mold growth

Florida Mother: Good morning all. Hope all is well and everyone is having great summer with the girls home. Selfishly, I am excited to announce that I get to extend mine a little longer because Kelly has decided to drop her August class. She felt it was too much work for three weeks. With that said, I will have to extend one of the storage units for another month. Please let me know if anyone will need to do the same and I will make the arrangements and we can split the cost.
Nebraska Mother:Thanks for keeping us organized, Jackie. Hope all is going well for everyone’s summer. Elizabeth will have her items out of the storage unit within the next week so we will not need to pay for an extra month.
Texas Mother: Jackie, you read my mind. I was thinking about this while I was getting ready for work today. Mack’s stuff will be out on the 30th as planned. I will text Zena and see what they want to do and I’ll text Kaity. The girls that are there can help me consolidate to one unit next weekend.
Florida Mother: Great, that would have been my next question, to find out who can consolidate. I appreciate you doing that.
California Mother: I told Katy she could have Claire’s stuff before we left, because I kind of knew that Claire would not be back. There is not not too much because I donated a lot before I left. If Katy does not want something, the girls can take whatever they want and donate or throw away the rest.
Nebraska Mother: I will let Elizabeth know that she may need to help move Tavia’s stuff out of the second unit. Elizabeth is moving herself down this weekend. We have made a couple of trips there for doctor’s appointments so we have already taken most of her things back and they are already in storage. Thanks to everyone for helping get all of this figured out.
The parents of the college gymnasts used their social media posts to get themselves organized about all of the things they had placed in storage. While a few of the girls would be taking a class in August, other members would be keeping their things in storage until the first of September. After quite a few back and forth messages, the girls and their mothers felt prepared for the end of the summer and the beginning of their second year in college a t a small liberal arts college in Louisiana.
You know what they say, however, about the best made plans?
When the first group of gymnasts to return to campus stopped by the storage units they were very disappointed in what they found: black mold!
After sitting unattended for nearly three months, the water damage was pretty extensive. The rental unit owners were quick to respond when they realized what was going on. With closer examination, the owner found a water leak in one of the far back corners. Unfortunately, that was also the area that contained the most black mold. The rental unit owner scheduled a company to come out for the water clean up, but many of the items were so covered in black mold that there was no alternative but to throw things out. A disappointing result for a plan that had been so well thought out.
Black Mold Removal Experts Can Help Property Owners Salvage Some Items
Unfortunately, it takes very little time for mold to get out of hand. Left unattended, in fact, mold typically begins to grow within 24 to 48 hours in an untreated moist environment. For this reason, as soon as moisture is noticed homeowners and renters alike need to work to take care of the problem and eliminate the water. It may not come as a surprise then that as much as 20% of all insurance claims are related to water damage in some way or another. All told, water damage and mold removal cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion every year. Even the best laid plans can be wrecked if water leaks lead to water damage and black mold.

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