Don’t Worry About Your Plumbing Ever Again With These Simple Steps

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The one thing no homeowner or renter ever wants to hear are the words, “You’ve got a problem with your plumbing.” Chances are, you probably already know if you’ve got an issue with your plumbing, but no one ever likes to hear it confirmed. It usually means a lot of stinky issues for you, as well as time and money to fix the problem. You want to be able to get the problem fixed ASAP as well, which means knowing a reliable plumbing repair company that can take care of your plumbing repair in a timely fashion and do quality work. One great way to find plumbing companies is to look online or in your Yellow Pages — simply search “plumbing company” and the city or town you live in. For example, “Plumbing company Tampa” would be an easy way to find reviews on plumbing companies in your area if you lived in Tampa. After you’ve found some good possibilities, using the keyword (like plumbing company Tampa), check out reviews and ask around locally.
Just Bought a New House — I Don’t Have to Worry About My Plumbing, Do I?
Although you wouldn’t think so, it’s always good to get plumbing services in to just take a quick look around when you buy a new house. Although the house may be new to you, it may be an older house, with plumbing and sewage systems that date back quite aways. Furthermore, past residents may have planted trees or other plants close to your sewer lines without knowing, which can be a huge problem. (Most root systems can extend horizontally by about two to three times the diameter of the canopy, which can really impact your sewer lines.) Additionally, older homes often used clay plumbing pipes (they were popular and in use until about the 1980s) are easily cracked or damaged by roots. Additionally, common wisdom suggests that if your sewer is 40 years old or more, you should get it replaced.
Why Is It a Good Idea to Get My Plumbing Checked Out Every Once In Awhile?
Having your plumbing up to date and well maintained can actually help save you some money and help the environment, to boot! If you have a leaky faucet that drips once per second, over 3,000 gallons of water a year are wasted, because of that one leaky faucet! Furthermore, several research studies have been conducted that show that between 20-35% of all residential toilets have some degree of leakage. Plus, having your plumbing company come around regularly can help prevent accidents before they start. Did you know that backflow usually happens either because of back pressure or back siphonage?
What Should I Be Aware Of With My Sewer System and Plumbing?
Any plumbing company will tell you to be good to your plumbing. Don’t flush objects (like feminine products, etc.) down the toilet or continually dump all that bacon grease from brunch down your sink (especially in winter, when fats and oils can freeze in the pipes, creating a blockage). In fact, almost 50% of the 36,000 residential and commercial sewer overflows were due to fat and oil buildups. Your septic tank ought to be pumped once every five to seven years by a professional, but this also depends on how many people are in your house and how much water you use on a day to day basis. Make sure your plumber adheres to the International Plumbing Code (IPC), which sets minimum regulations for things such as backflow prevention, sanitary drainage, storm drainage, water heaters, etc. Around 35 states already have this on the state or local level, but if your state doesn’t, it’s still good to check that your plumber adheres to this. Do check out reviews of plumbers — especially if you’re doing a casual search like “plumbing company Tampa.” You’re sure to get a lot of hits with a keyword like “plumbing company Tampa” so just be sure to check out all your options.
You shouldn’t have to worry about your plumbing if you’re smart and keep your sewer and plumbing lines well maintained.

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