Don’t Let Home Water Damage Weigh You Down

As humans, it is impossible to survive without water. Water is used in different domestic, medicinal, household, recreational, and agricultural sectors. Common water uses include growing plants, irrigation, and cooking, among others. Water has numerous health benefits, including boosting skin beauty and health, forming mucus and saliva, hindering kidney damage, boosting exercise performance, aiding in weight loss, and mitigating hangovers.

At times, you may experience water damage in your house or institution, which may have adverse negative effects if not rectified early enough. Clogged gutters, faulty and old appliances, burst pipes, faulty air conditioners, blocked sewage and septic tanks, and weather conditions can be some of the causes of water damage.

Immediately you detect water damage, and it is wise to contact commercial water damage repair services to sort the matter with the urgency it requires. Before professionals arrive at your house or institution to conduct the repair, you can inspect for issues like mildew and mold, which are toxic, can dry the area affected by the water damage, and remove any materials that the water may have damaged. You can be compensated for the damage caused if you have taken a water damage insurance policy. Many water damage repair companies also offer 24 hour flood restoration and 24 hour emergency water restoration; hence no need to worry. A best water damage restoration service is one that can resolve all your water damage issues.

When we moved out of our first apartment and into a real house, we were struck by the charm of this older gem. The crown molding, the original woodwork, original hardwood floors. But then there was the kitchen. It had not been updated. The countertop was lime green tile with black accents around the edges. Since there was no dishwasher and only a single sink, we made it a double by using a plastic tub inside the massive original ceramic sink. The floor had carpet and under that some kind of linoleum and that’s where we realized we needed professionals to help with our kitchen renovation. Without being sure of what kind of materials were used, we needed asbestos testing before we could move any further with the demolition of the kitchen.
Had we left the carpet and linoleum alone, of course that would have been safe but unsightly. After the asbestos testing had been completed, it was confirmed that the floor tiles did, in fact, contain asbestos, so it was necessary to hire professionals to remove the flooring safely.
It was a long summer, but we made good use of our camping equipment as we cooked over the Coleman or ate out. We couldn’t be happier with our newly remodeled kitchen and brand new flooring that is asbestos free.
Professionals who do asbestos encapsulation and abatement are generally also experts at other types of home restoration such as mold removal and interior water damage repair due to flooding or other home water damage.
If you’ve ever been so unlucky as to be the victim of a house fire, you know how valuable these kinds of professionals can be after a house fire. House fire damage repair and restoration involve all kinds of damage wrapped into one. First, there is the damage from the flames and then the water damage that comes as a result of the fire being successfully extinguished and then the smoke damage.

Water leaks and burst pipes can also be the cause of severe water damage in a home. Even a small area such as a bathroom can require the assistance of professionals. Drywall can wick up to 6 inches when sitting in only a 1/2 inch of water for a mere three hours. It’s easy to see how quickly a small water incident could lead to big repairs.
But the biggest cause of water damage to homes is heavy rain that leads to flooding. In fact, floods account for 90% of all the disasters declared by the President. It’s no surprise that 20% of all insurance claims are the result of some kind of water damage.
And homes that have been improperly restored after a water damage incident are likely to need to call in professionals later for mold cleanup. Mold can begin to grow after only 24 to 48 hours in an untreated moist environment. Walls that may seem fine on the outside may be harboring mold inside. It’s best to make sure the home you inhabit is not being shared by this growing and dangerous problem.
So whether you need asbestos testing in anticipation of a home remodel or you need emergency restoration following flooding, a smaller water incident or a house fire, professional restorers have tools and skills to get your repaired and back to being your home sweet home.

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