The Hidden Dangers of The Holidays – How Steel Windows and Doors can Help

steel windows and doorsThe holidays are upon us, bringing tidings of joy and cheer. With all the excitement of the holidays, many people do not consider some alarming, yet common instances that may happen during this time. If your home is installed with steel windows and doors or you are thinking about making the upgrade, here’s how they can help shield you from the dangers of the season in unexpected ways.

Lower temperatures outside call for more heat inside
In the coldest months of winter, you’ll want to trap heat inside. About 15-22% of heat loss occurs through the windows of a typical home. Instead of cranking up the heat and increasing your heating bill, consider investing in steel windows. Thermally broken steel windows are praised for their narrow sightlines, but can also help you save money by being the most energy efficient. This type of steel window with low-e coatings can reduce energy loss by up to 50%!

Holiday lights are fun and festive, but there are some hidden dangers
 When the holidays come along, many households like to put up grand displays of lights to get in the holiday spirit and dazzle their neighbors. Unfortunately, the increase in electrical output means possible wiring errors or an overloaded system. An electrical malfunction from holiday lights can lead to a residential fire.

Did you know that one house fire was reported every 85 seconds back in 2013? If your home is equipped with steel windows and doors, you are already better protected from this potential problem. Fire rated windows and doors made from steel have a high heat tolerance and prevent a fire from spreading to other structures in your home.

The holidays are opportune times for home intruders
During the holidays, it’s likely you’ll be travelling more frequently to visit your family and friends. Home intruders take that likelihood and use your absence as an opportunity to burgle. On top of that, the holiday season fills homes with gifts and new electronics, all of which give home intruders another reason to attempt a break in.

Consider this scary statistic: a home intrusion is committed every 13 seconds. The metal structure of steel windows and doors are near impossible to bend and break, providing added security for your family. The strength and structure of steel will help keep your family safe and keep intruders out.

For this holiday season and the many more that will follow, steel windows and doors may just be the best investment you can make for a happy and safe holiday for years to come.

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