Don’t Lose Your Cool! Literally, Keep the Cold in Your House With a Good Air Conditioning Unit!

Air conditioning

When you think of summer, things like ice cream cones, warm sunny days, and afternoons spent by the pool probably come to mind. But what about those hot, hot days spent in the shady shelter of your home? If you’re outside, you can take a dip in the pool to keep the heat at bay, but if you’re inside and your air conditioning (AC) unit is broken, you’re just plain out of luck!

The good news is that you can prevent your AC unit from ever breaking down on you! The answer? You need to create an AC maintenance schedule. Over two thirds of all homes in the United States alone have air conditioning units installed, but less than 50% of those homes practice regular AC maintenance. In fact, only 42% of homes with central air have their unit serviced annually. With so few people performing regular maintenance on their air conditioners, it only makes sense that a lot of problems arise from these neglected units.

Between 2006 and 2010, nearly 40% of all home structure fires were caused by either faulty or poorly maintained air conditioning units. These homes suffered major damage because the owners neglected air conditioning repairs and maintenance. So how can you prevent disaster and damage to your home? How do you create an AC maintenance schedule?

The first thing your need to do is find someone who specializes in AC and heating service. Looking for an AC service provider could be as simple as calling the company that installed your AC unit in the first place. The next thing to not is that while annual check ups and maintenance calls are important, it’s recommended that you have your unit looked at and worked on before and after the season. This way, if anything happened over the summer and you didn’t catch it, your service provider can before the next time you need to use your AC unit. Maintaining a relationship with your service provider is beneficial, and guarantees that your AC unit will stay in working condition.

The last thing you need in your home is a broken air conditioner, so why wait? Even if the problem is as simple as replacing a filter, looking at it now is better than dealing with the consequences later. Call your service provider and create an AC maintenance schedule so you can enjoy your summer without worry!

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