Are You Installing Laminate Flooring in Your New Home?

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Why doesn?t someone tell you these things? You have recently returned from a visit to a high school friend?s home. She and her family live in a beautiful house in the country outside of Belair, Maryland, and you were only in her home a few hours when you noticed a very important bathroom design detail.
In fact, throughout her home you noticed several laminate floor edging ideas that simply aren?t used in the Midwest. Instead of wood trim baseboard pieces separating the laminate floor from the painted wall, her highest humidity rooms actually had additional bathroom tile. This would have been a great idea to know before you built your home. The wooden baseboard pieces at your home continue to warp and chip paint, and sometimes even mold, while her ceramic tile is one of several attractive laminate floor edging ideas that her builder suggested.
While many builders and designers spend their time talking new home owners into or out of expensive flooring choices, few take the time to explain important details like laminate floor edging ideas that could save a lot of future maintenance.
Whether you are looking for flooring ideas for bathrooms or flooring ideas for bedrooms, making decisions between the products available is more than just making color choices. Carpeting a room or tiling an entryway should also involve detailed and well thought out decisions about how the flooring and wall surfaces will meet.
What flooring ideas will work best for you in your home? Are you making a choice that will last for many years, or are you making a cheap choice that will require repair or remodeling work in five years? The most knowledgeable homeowners know that investing in the highest quality materials from the start will pay off in the long run. For example, some linoleum flooring options are available with a 25 year warranty. Even after the warranty, some of these flooring choices can last an additional 15 years.
Between the years 2009 and 2014 the American flooring industry grew a little more than 1% a year. Some of this growth is from the building of new homes, some is from the remodeling and renovation industry. While many select carpeting for their new home design or remodel, families with allergy sufferers might do well to select laminate flooring or other hardwood flooring options. These floor choices create a more safe air quality in a home because they do not usually contain dust mites, mold, and other dangerous allergens.
Before you make your flooring selections, make sure that you take the time to explore all of the options available, and ask all of the best questions.

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