Is Your Sewer Line Over 40 Years Old? It’s Time For An Inspection!

Sewer line replacement

When’s the last time you thought about calling for sewer replacement services? While it doesn’t sound like fun, statistics showing that sewers over 40 years old are at a higher chance of clogging and even breaking sounds like even less fun down the road! Calling for a quality inspection can pinpoint common problems, such as invasive tree roots or eroded materials, and help increase efficiency in your appliances while saving money on your energy bill. New technologies have also developed to assist not only in quality service but reducing the damage that can be caused by traditional repair services.

Did You Know?

It can be easy to take a functioning sewer line for granted. It’s been found that water heaters account for almost 20% of a home’s energy use! If your energy bill seems expensive no matter your living situation, it’s highly possible that you could use a sewer line inspection. The average household can leak up to 10,000 gallons of water every year, which can easily be avoided with a simple repair. But what kind of sewer line cleaning should you look for?

Trenchless Sewer Options

Trenchless sewer methods have been used for over 15 years, but many homeowners are still in the dark about this technique. A recent survey even found 80% of its respondents having no idea what no-dig technology entailed! Trenchless methods use highly-advanced cameras and high-pressure water cannons to remove debris, dislodge clogs and analyze cracks with minimal surface damage. When it comes to satisfaction, around 80% of homeowners would pay more for trenchless sewer line repair if it meant preserving their landscape.

Calling For Sewer Replacement

While trenchless methods can cost at least 30% more than conventional digging, they save money down the road by causing minimal damage to your deck or backyard — in other words, it saves you the effort of having to look for another landscaping service to put your garden or lawn back together. If the sewer damage or clog is minimal, you might end up paying $100 or less on a quick and easy plumbing job. Don’t pay for a broken water heater or overpriced heating bill any longer — call for your local sewer line professionals for trenchless drain cleaning and get your house back in tip-top shape!

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