Three Hidden Reasons Why Trenchless Sewer Repairs Are Your Best Option


If you have never heard of trenchless pipe lining or sewer technology before, you’re certainly not alone. A recent Angie’s List survey of homeowners found that a shocking 78% of people have never heard of trenchless, or “no dig,” technology!

This makes trenchless sewer technology one of the best-kept secrets in residential sewer repair. By investing in a trenchless sewer repair, you and your home can benefit in a huge number of ways.

But why go trenchless? How would a trenchless sewer line installation, replacement or repair benefit you over more traditional methods of sewer work? Here are just three of the many benefits of trenchless sewer repairs that you’ve likely never heard of:

Less disruption

Trenchless technology is well known for its ability to repair sewer lines without causing massive disruptions to traffic or landscaping. Previous repair work required long trenches to be dug in the ground to access the sewer line — with trenchless repairs, only one small access hole is required, making the process much more discreet. For historic homes or dense urban areas, trenchless is the way to go.

Significant time savings

As stated before, trenchless technologies remove the need to dig a trench to access sewer lines. As a result, the amount of time it takes to repair a sewer line is significantly reduced, allowing your sewer lines to get back to working condition in just a day or two.

Long-term cost savings

Did you know that only 3% of people say a sewer replacement is a project they plan to undertake in their future? While the up-front costs of trenchless technologies may intimidate many people, the fact is that this repair work offers massive savings over the long run. Your sewer lines will perform more efficiently, saving you water, energy and money.

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