Roofing Materials Getting Your Money’s Worth

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Roofing — from roof repair to choosing a new one, and even roof replacement — can be among some of the most challenging construction projects. However, with the right general contractors on hand, you can be sure that you’ll end up with a roof that suits your needs. There are more types of roofs available than you might think, however. A roofing contractor will present you with several different options. You simply need to know what you’re looking for — how important is color to you? What about durability? How about energy efficiency and heat reflection? There’s so much to choose from. Let’s dive in.

How Pigment Can Make A Difference

As your roofing contractor will tell you, the color of your roof has much more to do with the amount of energy you use and heat you absorb than you would think. A roof that absorbs too much heat ends up costing the homeowner a good deal of money when the energy bill comes due. This is because it leads to a hotter home, and a greater need for air conditioning use. Something as simple as a cool pigment can greatly reduce the amount of heat absorbed. The pigments used in cool-colored metal roofing end up reflecting about 20 to 90% of heat and sunlight. Yes, that’s right — metal roofing. A metal roof can contribute a great deal towards making your home as efficient as possible.

Metal Roofing And Reflective Materials: Digging Deeper

The thing about choosing metal roofing and reflective materials is that, no matter what you end up paying for it initially, it will return on the investment. Of all roofing materials, the coolest end up reflecting 65% of all sunlight and heat, absorbing under 35% of the sun’s energy. The installation of reflecting roofing material can end up saving you up to 40% in summer energy costs, and highly emissive metal roofs can reduce urban temperatures by 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Solar Panels: How They Can Benefit You

Once upon a time, solar panels seemed to be a luxury item, used only by the rich. As with many new products, solar panels have become normalized and thus have seen a great drop in price. Furthermore, the benefits they give you are tremendous. Something as simple and cost-efficient as installing solar panels can decrease your home’s carbon footprint by about 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. And with the price of solar panels dropping by 60% since 2011, they end up saving you a lot of money. To be exact, solar panels save an average of $84 each month on electric bills!

The type of roofing you choose is truly up to you. However, you shouldn’t make this choice lightly. Be informed and prepared — that way, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of time and money in the long term. And never be afraid to ask your roofing contractor before buying.

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