Storm Protection 101 – How to Prepare For the Deadliest of Hurricanes

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Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters. The extreme winds and rain can cause irreparable damage when it hits land. Unfortunately, those who live near the coast can be the most susceptible to the effects of a hurricane. Storm protection is important to surviving the worst of hurricanes, and here are three key steps to follow when preparing for a storm.

  1. Educate Yourself about Hurricane Season
    Storm protection begins with education. The best way to be prepared for a hurricane is to know when to expect the worst of the tropical storms. Along the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane season is typically from early summer to late autumn, peaking in late August through to September. It has been reported that September is the worst month for hurricanes. When a hurricane strikes, it can last for weeks (10 days on average). If you are well aware of when to expect a potentially devastating hurricane, you can be prepared to take on the storm if one strikes.
  2. Secure Windows and Items in Your Home
    If you live in an area where hurricanes are more common, you?ll want to take some necessary measures to protecting your home against storms. If you?re wondering how to prepare your home for a hurricane, you?ll need to focus on the windows before anything else. Some key tools in storm protection are hurricane shutters or hurricane blinds. These are fixtures are typically made of steel or aluminum. They protect your windows from being broken by objects that have become airborne during the storm.

    It?s important to secure all fixtures outside of your home as well. Take into account things like swing sets or play houses that may catch wind and become a hazard if they hit anything. Even smaller decorative items like potted plants or patio furniture can cause great damage if it hits your house.
  3. Make a Hurricane Preparedness Plan
    Having a set plan is imperative to hurricane survival. Every family will have a different plan, but there are some basics that are universal. You want plenty of food and water available in the event that a hurricane lasts several weeks and you are unable to leave your home. Purchase canned goods and freeze meals in advance. You?ll want to choose meal options that won?t spoil quickly. Keep a stock of all basic necessities like blankets, flashlights and replacement batteries and first aid kits handy if ever you need them.

    If the hurricane is expected to be especially devastating, you may want to evacuate. You should have your car packed with the aforementioned essentials, along with a route to take and several maps as well. It may be a good idea to carry spare gallons of gasoline in case you are unable to find a functioning gas station on your travels. Before you leave, you?ll want to close up your home by locking all windows and doors. Depending on how long you?ll be gone, you may want to turn off the water and gas throughout the house.
  4. Hurricanes are scary, but you can be prepared to take on Mother Nature?s worst storm if you are well educated and well equipped in the time of an emergency.

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