Three Ways To Makeover Your Home

Laminate floor

If you’re giving your house a makeover, you better make sure you’re going to cover all the bases. Your personality in your home is all about the details, from the window, to the wall, to the floor. Here are just a few ideas that you can use to get inspired for your home makeover, and help give you the motivation you need to kick your projects into high gear.

Start with the paint – Even if the rest of the elements of the room are simple and straightforward, a unique paint job can make any room stand out. Consider stylish chevron in a muted metallic, or maybe some alternating grey stripes. You can even find uniquely printed wallpapers to really show off your decorating prowess and individual style. (Just make sure it doesn’t clash with the drapes.)

On to the carpet – For your carpet, you should find modern carpeting ideas that can turn your house from catastrophe to contemporary instantly. New carpets can be the perfect way to give your home the soft, plushy comfort of a classic home with the cool, modern carpeting ideas of the professional decorators. Mix it up with some black and white tile carpet, or go crazy with bright colors!

Update your furniture – If you’re using the same couch your grandparents used, and their grandparents before them, it may be time for an upgrade. Modernizing your furniture can be an easy way to makeover your space, and give it the look and feel you’ve been hoping for. Check out area consignment shops and yard sales for some funky furniture finds, and ask around to see if family or friends are clearing out any of their furniture!

An update may be just what your home needs to go from “whatever” to “better than ever.” And if you really want to give your home an extreme transformation, hire an interior designer to make your home the one you’ve always dreamed about. Continue reading here.

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