4 Ways to Make Sure Your House is Hurricane Ready

Preparing for a tropical storm

Every year, thousands of families are affected by property damage due to hurricanes. Homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas may wonder; how can I prepare for a hurricane? Here are some projects you can cross off your disaster preparedness list that will make your house stand stronger during the harsh hurricane conditions.

Secure Your Windows and Doors

Hurricane-force winds are strong, and can send objects hurling into your home at incredible speeds. Protect your home by installing hurricane-proof solutions, such as exterior storm shutters, or impact-resistant doors. High velocity hurricane shutters keep heavy winds from reaching your home, and blocks any debris from entering your house.

Keep Your Yard Clean

During a heavy storm, loose branches can cause damage to your roof, or even send debris flying through your windows. Keep your trees and bushes trimmed, and make sure to clean up any debris in the yard. If you have yard furniture, be sure to bring it inside as you prepare for a hurricane.

Make Sure Your Roof is Strong

Strong winds from a hurricane can pull at your roof, causing you thousands of dollars in roof repairs. Roofs in hurricane-prone areas need extra support in order to brace for stronger winds. Attaching the roof to the wall with a wooden brace ensures that your roof will stay on no matter how strong the winds may be.

Stabilize Your Garage

Many garage doors are make of lightweight, cheap materials that can bend under high-wind conditions, which can cause damage to your car or stored possessions. Look on the inside of your garage door for a pressure-rating sticker. If there is no sticker, you’ll likely need to reinforce your garage door, or replace it with an impact-resistant model.

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