How To Prepare Your Home During a Hurricane Warning

Accordion storm shutters

When a hurricane warning goes out, there is not much time to optimize your home’s storm protection. Hurricane warnings are declared when hurricane conditions are expected within the next 24 hours, giving you only about a day to spend preparing for the hurricane. But if you’ve never experienced a massive storm, you may be unsure how to protect your home from hurricanes. Here are some tips on hurricane home preparation in the case of a hurricane warning is put into affect near your home.

Start by securing the windows in your home. If you don’t have rolling storm shutters, you can secure your windows by nailing a few pieces of wood across the window. Be sure to nail these planks into the wall of your home, and not into the window frame. Bring in any outside furniture you may have, and make sure your cars are parked safety in a stable garage. Close and lock all the doors, including the ones inside your house. It’s advised to create an hurricane home preparation emergency kit for any incoming storm, which can include medical supplies, food, water, flashlights, and any other safety essentials.

Most hurricane warnings also issue a mandatory evacuation order for the affected area. If you’re planning on evacuating, be sure to bring any forms of identification or important documents with you. If driving during a hurricane, avoid flooded roads and bridges. If you plan on staying during the course of the storm, find a safe room to wait it out in. This would ideally be a room with no windows or mirrors, such as a closet. Avoid places that can flood, such as a basement. Stay inside during the entire course of the storm, and try to minimize the use of electricity or gas.

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